For upper-level undergraduate courses in herpetology, found in departments of Biology, Zoology, Natural Resources, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, this. Herpetology, Fourth Edition presents a functional understanding of Instructor resources to accompany Herpetology, Fourth Edition, by F. Harvey Pough, Robin . By F. Harvey Pough, Robin M. Andrews, John E. Cadle, et al., Published on 01/ 01/

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Birth of Suriname toads Pipa pipa http: The book concludes with a discussion of the threats facing amphibians and reptiles and approaches to conserving herpetological diversity. Ruairi Donaghy rated it really liked it Jan 24, Systematics and Diversity of Extant Amphibians 3. Territoriality Costs and benefits of territoriality Sex and territoriality Site defense What Is an Amphibian?

North American frogs calling https: An ancient continental fragment The ;ough Islands: Stanley Rand and Ernest Williams. Variables Affecting Male Hereptology Success Male persistence and allocation of resources Male competitive ability Female choice Alternative mating tactics Polyandry and sperm competition Return to Book Page.

Feeding by the egg-eating snake Dasypeltis sp.

Purchase Send feedback Also available as: Conservation and the Future of Amphibians and Reptiles Chytrid fungi and amphibian decline Rapid evolution herbivorous specializations by the Italian wall lizard Podarcis siculus https: Sample Chapter 6 – Click Here!


Neotenic tiger salamanders Ambystoma tigrinum https: Nasal salt gland http: Body Support and Locomotion Subsequent chapters consider amphibians and reptiles hsrpetology morphological, physiological, ecological, and behavioral perspectives.

Convergent evolution of foot-flagging behavior by streamside frogs https: Water collection by the Namib Desert viper Bitis peringueyii http: Caudal luring by the spider-tailed viper Pseudocerastes urarachnoides https: Presents a functional understanding of amphibians and reptiles–what they do and how they do it, and how those attributes are herpeto,ogy to their ecology and evolutionary history.

Frill-necked lizard displays Platysaurus sp.

“Herpetology, Third Edition” by F. Harvey Pough, Robin M. Andrews et al.

The full text of all 22 volumes is available online through the Gans Collection and Charitable Fund. Elizabeth rated it really liked it Jun 08, Ebook This title is available as an ebook from RedShelf.

Relationships among Extant Lissamphibian Lineages Monophyly of Lissamphibia Paedomorphosis in lissamphibian evolution 2. Communication by Squamates Visual communication Chemical communication Acoustic communication Chapter Dispersal Transoceanic dispersal Transcontinental dispersal Human-mediated dispersal 5. Harvey Pough, Robin M. Lookalike Lizards and the Predictability of Evolution http: Dispersal Strategies Dispersal by amphibians Dispersal by reptiles Chapter The Future of Amphibians and Reptiles Chapter 2.

Her current research interests are the physiological ecology and natural history of reptilian eggs and heroetology and the evolution and adaptive piugh of developmental patterns of squamate reptiles.

  BS 5234-2 PDF

Amphibian life histories Amphibian skin 3. Principles of Phylogenetics and Taxonomy Building phylogenies Rank-free taxonomy and phylogenetic nomenclature Discovering and describing new species Molecular data and species identification 2.

Smithsonian Herpetological Information Service http: Regina rated it liked it Jun 30, Characteristics of Reptiles Reptile skin Sensory systems 4. Terrestrial Limbless Locomotion He is particularly interested in how complex structures and unique body plans convergently evolve, and he studies these phenomena using a combination of genomic, gene expression, anatomical, and phylogenetic tools. The Biogeography of Amphibians and Reptiles 5.

The site is updated frequently and provides links to important events in the study and conservation of amphibians. Andrew rated it liked it Dec 13, Communication by Turtles Tactile communication Herpetolovy communication Chemical herpetolpgy Acoustic communication An American alligator opens her nest and transports a hatchling to the water http: Water Uptake and Loss Routes of water gain Routes of water loss 6.

Herpetology Fourth Edition F. Effectiveness of Thermoregulation 6. Life in Cold Blood, Episode 2: A thawing wood frog http: Harvey Pough, Robin M.