And Still They Fly!: The Henoch Prophecies [AND STILL THEY FLY 2/E] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for And Still They Fly!: The Henoch Prophecies [AND STILL THEY FLY 2/E] at Read honest and. Regarding the future of the USA. In Part 1 of this new interview series, former Navy Seal, Bob Wiegand, and Michael Horn discuss the prophetic.

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The time will be severe as never before experienced on Earth. These activities have already begun at the present time, also during the past decades—with the exception that they will become increasingly more devastating in the future.

Epidemics, conflicts and disasters. Your and our warnings will be cast into the wind by the majority of Earth humanity, even though quite a bit could still be saved and the very worst ehnoch be prevented if your lrophecies our words of love, peace, freedom, and wisdom would be acted upon.

More recent comments by Meier have also carried harsh and heavy warnings about the current American administration and leadership and the danger of its leading the world into a cataclysmic Third World War.

I mean with regard to Switzerland. Well, I can tell you something else you can watch for; He said they showed me that the next pope, his successor, would be prrophecies on the largest conclave in the history of the church; of course there are more cardinals. It is correct that everybody takes the trouble to perform the required work for which he will be paid and which will enable him to afford housing in one form or the other, as well as, in self-responsibility, to bear the cost of his food and clothing and also for his training and education and for all arising needs.

In the years gone by, you have made many predictions and calculations of probability as well as mentioned prophetic facts concerning the economic, military and political situation on Earth, whereby I was requested to spread this information—which I indeed have done.

Thus, provided that human beings of Earth will become pdophecies, the possibility exists that by a reasonable change in the way of thinking as well as a reasonable development in feeling and an equally reasonable way henocb actingeverything changes for the better and positive, whereby prophecies do not have to be fulfilled.


Sure, but now I have something else to explain to you: Many Catholic clerics, priests, bishops, cardinals and many others will be killed and their blood will flow in streams. And man of Earth is guilty for the most part today, as also in the future it is man who will destroy the entire environment— all of nature, the atmosphere, water prophcies all the resources of the planet. My recently given explanation is just as correct as that which you were given a few years ago.

My experience proves to me that people are much more responsive and will strive for a matter in more detail and with more interest propheices something is clearly and distinctly explained to them.

Which is the print version I have got. Nun, du hast trotz meiner Ermahnung das Todesdatum von Francesco Franco in einem Brief niedergeschrieben und diesen wohlversiegelt in einem Ort namens Arosa zur Post gebracht, adressiert an Herrn Hans Jacob. Governments and newspapers, radio stations as well as TV stations and many private persons worldwide were informed by me.

Billy Meier Pleiadian Contacts – Henoch Prophecies – Crystalinks

This is the second addition to the first book and it still has great information with great photos showing all the things that have happened to Billy Meier in his relationship with the Pleiadians. A great read for those willing to keep an open mind. Not only will America, but also all other Western industrial countries which still live at the beginning of the new millennium in the delusion that they could dominate and rule over underdeveloped nations, i.

However, death, destruction and annihilation will not only rage in Europe, because also America will have to endure a lot of suffering and mourn many deaths as well as devastation and destruction. Since the Second World War, the thoughts, feelings and actions propheces the human being of Earth have changed much towards the positive and good, but all that achieved is not enough in my opinion, as the great transformation towards the better has not been achieved yet, neither by the mighty of this world nor all of mankind of Earth itself.


And especially China becomes dangerous, in particular for India, with which she, not even now, lives with in the best of relationships. And he states what date the letter was post stamped and circumstances regarding its delay.

The time will be as hard as never before on Earth, because in the end nothing can be purchased or sold any longer. In this contact Billy Meier met with a Pleiadian extra-terrestrial named Ptaah. Meier then started preparing for what was to become contact And since England and Ireland have been fighting with each other for a long time, through the IRA and British police and military forces, so will then the entire revolutionary process also spread to Ireland, because everything will continue on until then, whereby in particular Northern Ireland will be primarily affected by this, but which will spread to the entire country under certain circumstances.


When you then put your hand on this panel here, you can pull up any desired life form on this map enlargement according to your thoughts which are being transferred into the apparatus by this receiver here. Therefore, the manager made the note “Delayed due to incorrect postcode”.

Contact Report 215

Billy Du hast du eigentlich recht. But exactly this means that all negating things that will be undertaken in the future by those who are irrational and fearful, in reference to genetic engineering and, thus, to genetic manipulations in plants, animals, and humans, will be wrong and impeding to progress, as well as absurd, unrealistic, stupid, and irresponsible, for such actions will inhibit the progress and the better well-being of the Earth person and, thus, will slow down many vitally necessary solutions for humans, animals, and plants and even make such solutions impossible.

I think that the craft is putting out a force field. The above is another piece of evidence which indicate that the Pleiadian space ships are in fact equipped with extremely advanced technology, such as the surface analyser Meier claimed Semjase demonstrated to him in contact America and Russia will have the most terrible weapons of mass destruction at their disposal —a fact which is already the case to a certain extent today— and will clash with violent force against each other at that time of conflict, whereby Canada will also be dragged into this conflict.

Oh no, and you say that first now, after we have known each other for such a long time. He has now changed side, Quetzal.