Hi people, I was hoping to find out what the best list of Kanji radicals to primitive list presented by order of appearance: Heisig’s Primitives. Simply, Radical is small component which kanji is made of. (Heisig called his own radicals as primitives) Learning radicals is essential if you. and excuse me for getting straight into it. You can read more about my experiences with Heisig here. I can also point you in the direction of a.

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Login Register Login Username: I was wondering if anyone had a list of the primitives in a user- friendly format that they could share to use for easy reference. Im in the relatively early stages, but just so I could more easily and systematically differentiate between similar primitives.

Such as the kanji for the hwisig ‘early’, which has the image of a flower rising early and the flower primitive, and prumitives between needle and nail, cow and vermillion and so on. Also on a slightly different note, a number of kanji use primitives with the bottom stroke bent for instance, this happen frequently with the soil primitive, the ivy primitive, the craft primitive and so on.

I find it easier to remember to write these primitives correctly if I imagine them as a distorted in the stories I create when they appear as distorted in the kanji.

For example when the soil primitive has a straight bottom I imagine it as ordinary brown soil, but when the bottom stroke is crooked I imagine it as jagged clay soil, or when the cow primitive appears with the bottom stroke distorted I imagine it as a pixelated cow. This is my first topic post, so I’m not sure if I’m conveying myself exactly how I want to, but any responses to having a primitives list or to dealing with similarities or slight differences in primitives are welcomed!

Generally speaking the elements with the “bent” or “tilted” bottom stroke occur when they are to the left of another element in the kanji, whereas they are left straight when they appear on the right.

This is pretty systematic, and I think Heisig addresses this in one of his little interludes. However, I certainly encourage you to incorporate the distorted characters into your stories if it is helpful! Imagining the them primiives distorted does help though, ’cause a crooked looking cow is very memorable especially if orimitives fighting a shoalin monk for kanji for ‘special’ Does anyone have a list of the primitives that they could share at all?

Advertising Register to hide. I’ve never come across one but frequently wished for one as I was going through book 1. I can imagine that most people feel that the 20 or so hours required to input the data into a computer is better spent on learning more kanji.

If however 20 people wanted to get together and each put in an hour to enter the primatives for or so kanji I would be willing to contribute to the project.

I don’t have the book with me at the moment, but doesn’t one of the indexes list all of Heisig’s primitives? It may not be in an electronic format but it’s a start There’s an e-book primihives of RTK I, so it is in electronic format.


The main problem is that the primitives aren’t in any standard font someone mentioned that there are certain fonts in which the primitives are present; lacking that, we could just use screen captures. In any case, the prkmitives doesn’t list the meanings: Pangolin developed a font with all the primitives. There’s a link to it somewhere in this forum, so you’re welcome to use that, but not everybody necessarily has it installed.

If you could direct me to that link by telling me what thread it was in or what by please just copying and pasting the link that would be a good start fragileshards Wrote: Anyone else that is willing to help out please put yourself forward so we can allocate who does what.

JimmySeal if you could get Pangolin to help out that would lower the workload to the primitives for roughly kanji each. Has anyone got any suggestions about what computer programme to use.

Kanji Radical (Primitive)

If anyone is willing to help out, please put yourself forward and we could get something primitlves up pretty soon. Oh, wait, you don’t want a list of the Heisig primitives The former would take one guy an afternoon; the latter much, much longer. Since that list would almost exactly duplicate about pages of the book all but a handful of frames in Part IIII wouldn’t suggest distributing such a list without being heisi sure you’re on the right side of your local copyright laws.

Glad this topic came primitivws. I, not being computer literate, searched for every non-kanji primitive in the kanji primitivrs list on my pc. Some I could find, others I made little formulas or descriptions for. Very troublesome and time consuming and I did them all!: Just downloaded Pangolin’s font and excel chart. The hours and headache it could have saved me. Oops, more time and effort!!

Thanks Pangolin, and Jimmy for the heads up! Whatever is on that link is not showing up properly, I think its because I don’t have a certain font installed. Pangolin developed a font with all the primitives, but not everybody necessarily has it installed.

Could someone please provide a link to that font.

Remembering the Kanji: Primitive Elements: Index of all the RTK Primitive Elements

No, I want a list of all the Heisig primitives in electronic format. I started making a list yesterday by hand for the primitives used in the first kanji, and I now realise it would not take primitiives that long make a list of all the primitives, but the problem is I do not have a font primitive the primitives, nor do I know what keys relate to what primitives in the font and so on.

Cangy just posted a link but I cannot read it so I do not know how helpful it is. After making a significant portion of the list by hand I realise getting a lot of people involved in helping is primitived really necessary, but I do need help in terms of getting the font Pangolin developed and being able to read the link cangy senthttp: WinZip comes to mind.

This pimitives all new to me and I learned it on this site I just had to dig around for the info as well as pay attention when this sort of stuff was being talked about. If you are using a mac you could probably query UTF-8 support to find out what mac utility supports it.


But if you’ve got a mac it probably has built-in support. As for Pangolin’s font After you download Pangolin’s font you have to install it first before you can read the excel file or use the font. Did you install the font?

If not, that is the reason you cannot read it. I didn’t know how to install a font, so I went to microsoft help and queried “install font” and then just followed the instructions. It was quite easy once I found the info on how to do it. You could probably do the same kind hheisig search on how to install a font if you are using a mac. Oops, just realised you haven’t got the link yet.

Well, the “Pangolin” font of Heisig primitives has reached beta stage I skipped alpha. That means all the primitives are in there, plus a few extra variants I threw in, a total of characters. I have simply assigned the primitives in the order they appear in the RTK1 index to the printable codes of the standard Windows font map, starting with “!

Included in the zip package is a very simple Excel spreadsheet listing the characters in one column and the keyboard character you need to type to enter the character. Install the font before opening the spreadsheet. Sorry, I was confused as to what you wanted as well. Too bad I would have like to see the kanji-prim list done up.

Good luck getting Pangolin’s font installed and making your list. Sorry to revive at seemingly dead thread but this is one of the first results on google when searching for Heisig primitives for the 6th ed of vol 1. Seeing as I could not find a list of Heisig primitives any where online and the state of the kindle version being unusable judging by the amazon reviewsI decided to make my own list, using my own copy of the 6th ed of Heisigs vol 1.

Here are the links to four files, two pairs of a word and pdf document showing the 6th ed Heisig primitive elements in both order of stroke count and appearance.

I have not had the time to make a full list of kanji interspersed with primitive elements, but it should be simple enough using my primitive list combined with the 6th ed anki deck available online.

Links delete if violating any forum rules, these are mainly for ease of review, not in any way as a replacement for the actual book, which I do own myself: Docx stroke count ordered: Hi, could someone please post Xaphan’s documents again?

Perhaps on google drive, or somewhere else where they won’t be removed. Many already exist as RTK3 or unicode entries in kanji. After a lapse of a few years, I’ve been going through the site again, and have been adding the primitives primitivws my card set as I go.

A few I’ve looked up independently to get the unicode value. Xaphan primitivew again on a new account, didnt realize the links were dead, here are the original documents for the 6th version on google drive: Subscribe to this thread View a Printable Version.