01/11/Hans-Hermann Hoppe Democracy-The God that Failed is a brilliant and unflinching work that will be of intense interest to scholars and students of. Democracy: The God that Failed by Hoppe 12/04/Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The Economics and Politics of Monarchy, Democracy, and Natural Order. Democracy has ratings and 58 reviews. Jason said: Hoppe’s argument is essentially a well-executed follow through of Etienne de la Boetie’s call to s.

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An economic and political masterpiece! This book might as well be called: In fact, it strikes us as utterly disingenious to portray these propositions as having no empirical content.

Hence, even if my conclusions may seem radical or extreme, as a theoretician I am decidedly a hwns-hermann. Throughout, he tends to contrast democracies with either monarchies or anarcho-capitalist communities. Nov 12, Adrian Dorney rated it it was amazing.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. While I only agree with half of the book, I give it five stars for brilliance. But they hated Austria. Hoppe also has a brilliant understanding of why hhe need to be more conservative hoppee why conservatives need to be more libertarian which was encouraging to see since I have been thinking the same thing for quite some time.

There are extensive footnotes, including quotes from other works and references to those works.


No two straight lines can enclose a space. The volume of shopping shortly before Christmas exceeds that shortly after Christmas.

When you tally up the total score of the two wars, in terms of their ostensible objectives, you find if there has been any gain at all, it is pretty hard to discern. Sep 05, Syen rated it it was ok Shelves: But he seems aware of them.

Hoppe logically lays out solutions for private defense contrary to the state and further provides the answer to de democratization with the right of secession. View the discussion thread.

Introduction to Democracy: The God that Failed | Mises Institute

He hanss-hermann a convincing case. In fact, although aware of the economic and ethical deficiencies of democracy, both Mises and Rothbard had a soft spot for democracy and tended to view the transition from monarchy to democracy as progress.


Although I find Hoppe either difficult to understand and even on some points, unpersuasive at least based on my current understandingI am highly impressed by Hoppe’s overall defense of voluntary society in the face of democratic states and I look forward to the continuing development of technologies that will allow us to realize ahns-hermann ultimate failure of the nation-state experiment as a means of social organization.

One of the most inspiring things I find about Hoppe’s writing is that we really don’t even need geographically defined free cities to consider if his ideas will be successful.

The power to tax, that is, is ethically unacceptable.

Nationalsozialismus und Bolschewismus Berlin: Its methodology is axiomatic-deductive, allowing the writer to derive economic and sociological theorems, and then apply them The core of this book is a systematic treatment of the historic transformation of the West from monarchy to democracy.

Every conservative needs to read this book. History again cannot provide an answer to this question.

Articles of Interest

In contrast to this view and in accordance with common sense, I understand the same propositions as asserting some simple but fundamental truths about the structure of reality. The arguments are compelling and if understood correctly, leave very little reason democgacy any reason at all to continue to regard democracy with any legitimacy.

Mathematicians and logicians, too, claim to be concerned with necessary relations, and yet they do not claim to be infallible. An Essay on Method Kansas City: It is before the backdrop of a natural order that the still greater errors involved in democracy are clarified and that the historic transformation from monarchy to democracy is revealed as a civilizational decline.

They are put together at 13 dif Expectedly, Hoppe does not hold back views that may rub people the wrong way. Still, if one carefully looks to the US founders, one will find in their words a very prediction of what has come and is coming to pass as concerns democracy, according to Hoppe.

Implausibly, empiricists must denigrate such propositions as mere linguistic-syntactic conventions without any empirical content, i. This book convinced me that the anarcho-capitalist idea of a tax-less society of private competing defense agencies is possible and may well be the ideal.

Hoppe deconstructs the classical liberal belief in the possibility of limited government and calls for an alignment of conservatism and libertarianism as natural allies with common goals. How’s that for keeping up with technology? At the outset, I noted Habsburg-Austria and the United States of America as the countries associated most closely with the old monarchical regime and the new and current democratic-republican era, respectively.


I am very sceptical of this possibility.

Rothbard, “World War I as Fulfillment: This is not a philosophical treatise devoted to a discussion of issues of epistemology and ontology. Failde education in public schools will lead to higher wages. For a contemporary collection of examples of “counterfactual history” see Niall Ferguson, ed.

The following studies are written from the vantage point of modern Austrian social theory. That pretty much rules out grand social theory from the outset as “unscientific. In short, monarchical government is reconstructed theoretically as privately owned government, which in turn is explained as promoting future-orientedness hans-hermabn a concern for capital values and economic calculation by the government ruler.

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

Although his argumentation is usually consistent and convincing, I was not entirely convinced or happy with every chapter. The author failef on to assess the prospects for achieving a natural order of liberty. Rothbard, Man, Economy, and Teh. No form of taxation can be uniform equalbut every taxation involves the creation of two distinct and hhoppe classes of tax- payers vs. Any such monopolist is “bad” for consumers because, shielded from potential new entrants into his line of production, the price for his product will be higher and the quality lower than otherwise.

He is also not saying unpopular things just for the wow factor. While he brings vailed provoking evidence to this charge, I am not convinced that the noble experiment should be abandoned. In complete contrast to the orthodox opinion on the matter, then, elementary social theory shows, and will be explained as showing, that no state as just defined can be justified, be it economically or ethically.

Instead, if it has not been considered a mere coincidence, the productivity of Austrian-Viennese culture has been presented “politically correctly” as proof of the positive synergistic effects of a multi-ethnic society and of multi-culturalism.

Such governance warrants no monopolistic state in regards to defense of private property rights.