HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). OSCILLOSCOPE HM I Overscanning I Bandwidth DC MHz H Delayed Sweep H LPS Triggering to 40 MHz The HM demonstrates the. Hameg HM Oscilloscope problem. «on: January 16, , pm». Hey guys. The other day i went to the old stuff market and saw this oscilloscope.

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The signal has an amplitude of 0. Therefore, all HAMEG instruments are under warran- ty for a period of one year, provided that no modifica- tions have been made to the instrument. However, this work should only be carried out by properly qualified per- sonnel.

For correct operation hamegg termination I must be connected directly to the oscilloscope input, otherwise the test signals, irrespective of its fundamental shape, will be de-: In the “line” position the mains frequency serves as a trigger signal, this position is particularly useful when signals that are synchronized to the mains are being investigated.

However, should this be noted in the normal operating mode you have forgot- ten to change-over the slide switch to its “norm. If in this mode Channel I is hamwg pushbutton “Invert I” depressedthen the difference between the two channels is displayed. The same applies for the rear of the case on which the rear cover is put on.

Oscilloscope HM Equipment HAMEG GmbH, Frankfurt, build

Initially, the Sweep Delay mode slide switch should be set in the “norm. Trigger Indicator An LED on condition indicates that the timebase is triggered and will produce a stable display. Power consumption; 36 W approx.

The signal displayed can be ex- panded now. It is important to note that the x5 magnifier in- corporated in the “X-POS. When very fast risetimes are being measured the risetime of the oscilloscope amplifier has to be deducted from the measured time value.


HAMEG hm 412 Oszilloskop Oscilloscope

In the X-Y mode the horizontal signal is derived from channel II so that both the horizontal and vertical channels have the same input impedance and sensitivity range. The HZ hamef should not be employed when a compen- j sated attenuator probe is used.

The trace position should then vary in accordance with the deflection coefficient set. The reference position enables a ground reference level to be set.

Sometimes, however, the CRT itself may be rotated slightly, due to hard shocks during ship- ment. For cor- rect operation the probe must be terminated by 1 Megohm oscilloscope input resistance with DC coupling.

Only one LED will be on, if both traces are in the same area out of the raster. Only with such probes is it possible to take signals from the test circuit.

All knobs nameg switches should again be checked to ensure that the correct positions have been selected. Thus, the in- puts to the Y-amplifiers are shorted preventing the in- troduction of unwanted signals.

Triggering Checks The internal triggering threshold is important as it determines the display height from which a signal will be stably displayed.

With an input signal applied and both LED’s on, that means an overdriven vertical deflection in both directions. Operating Modes The required operating modes are selected on pushbuttons located in the vertical amplifier section. Full use has been made of the Latest Technology with integrated circuits and discrete semiconductors being combined for optimum performance. Special model for HM oscilloscope on request.

The logical arrangement of the controls and connectors on the front panel ensures that the user will quickly become familiar with the operation of the instrument.

It should be noted that all attenuator probes must be compensated in conjunction with the oscilloscope.

Fixed resistor 1 H. The checking and correction of the DC-balance for the amplifiers should be carried out as already described in the Operating Instructions. S2 While the measurement takes place the position con- trols of both deflection devices must be in mid- position.


Full text of “Hameg: hm 4 man”

The DC range should only be used if the ac- quisition of the DC voltage content of the signal is ab- solutely necessary. In mh tion, and especially when investigating square or pulse waveforms, a resistor equal to the charac- teristic impedance of the cable must also be con- nected to the cable at the input of the oscilloscope. This instrument employs a quartz marker, providing peak pulses at 1 cm inter- vals for each haemg range.

All variable control knobs with ar- rows should be in the fully anti-clockwise “Cal. The complete triggering process is carried out by a monolithic integrated circuit voltage comparator with TTL output.

Oszilloskop HM412-5

Under these conditions no variations should be detected on the display in either the vertical or horizontal axis.

The choice of the optimum time coeffi- cient depends on the repetition rate of the signal be- ing measured. Several precision measuring in- struments with cables and adapters are required, and only then should the pot’s and trimmers be read- justed provided that the result of each adjustment can be exactly determined. This ground point should always be located as close hzmeg possible to the measuring point. Check for a negligible trace widening and periodic shadowing in the chopped mode.

With higher tolerances it should first be in- vestigated whether the cause lies within the amplifier or in the amplitude of the square-wave signal. Warranty Before being shipped each instrument must pass a 10 hour quality control hsmeg. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Characteristic impedance 50 ohm. The mains fuse must.