Te gustan las historias de aventuras? Sigue este link. Guia completa de como encontrar todos los tesoros en Uncharted 4 bien explicada Is there anyone who have a Uncharted 3 online pass code? A friend got. Es por ello que Uncharted: El Tesoro de Drake es con diferencia el juego que Y tres cuartos de lo mismo con Uncharted 3: La Traición de Drake, el título con.

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El tandem de los dos hermanos da mucho juego en la conversaciones.

Uncharted 3 Español Guia HD *Todos los Tesoros* Capitulo 5

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Por si fuera poca la experiencia que ofrece el modo historia de Uncharted 4: But if you find any levels that are different than what I have, please let me know.

I was hoping this costume would stop the dialogue, as I find it unchartes. When you login first time using a Social Login button, we collect your account public profile information shared by Social Login provider, based on your privacy settings. Desde el primer momento se huele el aire a despedida que ha introducido Naughty en el juego.

Check out my recommended list for other games you might like. It also had a treasure as well. The Mo-Cap suit is by far the best. Graduado en Derecho y especialista en Marketing Digital. But avoid matching the skulls!

Level 1 on the urn has changed and is supposedly doable in 7 moves. Durante las partidas podemos comprar mejoras con la moneda de cambio que obtenemos en la partida por eliminar jugadores, curar aliados o encontrar tesoros por el mapa.


Yeah I ubcharted going to wait to see if anyone can give me the number of moves for the key bonus so I can try to combine the two.

Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. They added those after the update as far as I know, they might have added more treasure on previous chapter or chapter 3?

Move the block to the triangle below the light switch.

Naughty Dogs UNCHARTED – Google+

Disponemos de cuatro modos de juego que transcurren en ocho diferentes mapas. If you like what you see on AppUnwrapper. Being able to make two extra movies while going for the key is a game changer and can make this walk through useless at times.

This guide includes how to get the key for each level as well as all treasures. Aprender de los errores como modelo de vida. But sadly, it does not.

En cuanto a las plataformas, estas han ganado enteros con la apertura de los escenarios. And as always, if you like what you see, please help others find it by sharing it. It can be difficult perhaps even impossible? Could you please help me to check again with the newest version I used version 1. Previous Post Fran Bow Chapter 2: No faltan tampoco a la cita los ya famosos puzzles que caracterizan la saga. Las diferentes clases y armas, junto a los poderes se complementen muy bien en todos los modos igual que el cooldawn de las diferentes habilidades.

I allow to create an account. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Shooting does not use up any moves, so you can stand still and play around with them. I only tried the mime so unchartwd. Do you know the key bonus for them? Please make a video on chapter 2 how to get the treasures on level 32, 36, 37 and 38! But once you trigger them, symbols will appear so you can remember which switches control which squares.


This comment form is under antispam protection. It looks like the ucnharted may need to be updated as well. Links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to AppUnwrapper with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Earlier version of the game: So far it looks like Chapter 2, Levels 29 — 36 are different. I will be receiving the game on PS4 soon and those little tesoroa in-game perks seem pretty cool.

You can read more about it here. Thanks again for your help! Once your account is created, you’ll be logged-in to this account.

Looks like 29 — 33 are the new ones. Not sure about the other levels past 2 since I just started this map.

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game – Imperial Veterans Expansion Pack | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Walkthrough Guide January 21, But you do need a clear path between Nathan and the switch. So can you tell me how many moves it gives for the key bonus? Just Chapter 4 Treasures: Next Post Fran Bow Chapter 3: