GTD & EVERNOTE FOR MAC l SETUP GUIDE. TABLE OF CONTENTS. FOCUS OF THIS GUIDE. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT FROM THIS GUIDE. 1 Focus of. I’ve seen lots of implementations of GTD on Evernote over the years, but This setup is also heavily reliant on tags, which I was already using. How do you organise your life? What stresses you out about how you work now? • How do you prioritise your work? • How do you remember information and.

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To create a Shortcut, you drag a notebook to that top of the rail. What things have you saved because they remind you to take an action?

Continue using the Project List template for this step, moving items from the Brain Dump section to the Project List section as you clean them up. You might use Evernote solely for GTD, or you might end up using Evernote for other purposes, too, such as keeping a daily diary, saving recipes, writing a novel, drafting presentations for work.

Continue using the Individual Project template for setu step, moving items from the Initial Project template to the Individual Project template section as you identify your desired outcomes. Because your Projects are constantly changing and evolving, setul Weekly Review is an exercise you want to do regularly.

Notes as tasks are also useful when you want to add a reminder to a task. Because there is no one right way to use Evernote for GTD, here you’ll find a list of features in Evernote with explanations for how you can use them with the GTD methodology. Look a few weeks into the past on your calendar: Similarly, you may be tempted to create Stacks for GTD contexts, such as having a stack for Home and one for Work, but before you do, read the section below on Saved Searches.

Learn more about GTD by reading the book updated in a new editionby joining the membership site GTD Connect which includes webinars, interviews, and instructional guides on all aspects of the methodor my video-based online course, Get Stuff Done Like a Boss.

If you have too many, they lose their purpose of giving you very quick access to ytd most important ideas you need to find. Some of the apps are straightforward in matching the language and methodology of GTD, while others, such as Evernote, are instead versatile solutions that let you customize your productivity approach.


Does this list fully represent my priorities, interests, values, and long-term goals?

Notebooks are where you group similar notes. Evernote is designed to be the place where you put stuff you don’t want to have to remember.

That said, many people modify GTD to use the parts that work for them. Execute Regain control and be more productive With a clear Project List in hand, you are ready to execute on your tasks without having to remember which balls you have in the air. But to give a concrete example, in GTD you might have tags for:. Evernote also offers free GTD templates to use in its app, though they’re meant to help you prepare for specific projects and tasks, rather than carry out setpu GTD methodology.

Which tags you create and how you organize them is highly dependent on your situation, the kind of work you do and how you like to do it. Place it on the appropriate day on your calendar, and that will trigger all the necessary actions. TheSecretWeapon is another resource that specifically explores using Evernote and GTD, and it specifically tackles email setul well.

What are you keeping around because it is part of a project that you can name and organize? In the previous step, you got every potential guife off your mind and onto a list, where you can view it objectively. Upgrade your notes with Evernote Premium. But GTD asks us to adopt a much smaller definition for what qualifies as a Project: If you’re already well established with GTD, you might also find these five hidden Evernote features useful in advancing your knowledge of the app.

What do you need to finish? Comments powered by Disqus.

Be deliberate and selective about the number of Saved Searches you create. They give you more precision when evernore need to view notes that are relevant to you at the moment. Look around your office, home, car, or desk.

How to Use Evernote for GTD®

Take the Work out of Giide Zapier is the easiest way to automate powerful workflows with more than 1, apps. Reflect on your week with this Evernote template for creating a Weekly Review. We have a weekly cleaning time on the calendar, and the house is consistently clean, by April 1, ] Develop sales campaign with Linda [Outcome: The goal of GTD is for stress, tensions, and obstacles to trigger new projectsinstead of emotions.


Efernote all starts with determining, clearly and visibly, the current state of your commitments.

Evernote Setup Guide for GTD (PC or Mac) (PDF Only)

The best introduction to what these evernpte steps look like in practice is the Project List Mindsweep. Two of our recently updated integrations include Slack and Salesforce, both very robust and well-established apps that have teamed up with Evernote. Most people find that sticking to this definition produces a list of around 30— projects. You have an emergency meeting at 5: This method works well for quick and simple tasks, such as those that take no more than two minutes to complete.

For example, let’s say you want to see only notes that are both in your Inbox and have a priority-high tag. Saved Searches are another excellent feature in Evernote for GTD followers because they let you quickly find highly specific information in one click.

Writer Jill Duffy has been covering technology broadly since the early s and productivity in particular since The subtasks to this project might be to fill out forms, provide proof of residency, gfd supply copies of your child’s medical records to the school. When you use Shortcuts, you can collapse your Notebook view to help minimize visual clutter.

They offer another solution, and while it may not be the one you end up using, you certainly want to explore your options. Let’s say evernpte need to enroll your child in a new school. GTD stresses that it’s important to see only what you need at the moment setuo need it, so you don’t get distracted by other information.

Essentially, GTD is a five-step process in which you:. Or you can upload attachments to notes.