: GREENHECK BSQ/ 3/4 HP INLINE CENTRIFUGAL FAN //60/1: Home Improvement. Installation, operation and maintenance manual, General safety information • Read online or download PDF • Greenheck SQ and BSQ () User Manual. Centrifugal Square Inline Duct Fans Greenheck Fan Corporation certifies the model SQ and BSQ fans shown herein are licensed to bear the AMCA Seal.

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The white greehneck also has a light fixture. Failure to disconnect power source can result in fire, shock or serious injury. In gure 2, the fan is placed in the corner using a side discharge. Calculate system pressure drop and cfm requirements not including lters.

Figure 6 Horizontal Hanging or Base Centrifugal Fans in Coimbatore. For sale is a brand new Greenheck brand ceiling exhaust fan model SP-B Open the catalog to page 6. Hanging rods to be supplied by others. Protect yourself and others by observing all safety information. Model BSQ ducted inline fans are designed for the exhaust, supply, or recirculation of air in a building.

Make a preliminary model size selection. Manufacturer Greenheck Fan Corp. Installation must meet all local governing codes and the NEC. Please read and save these instructions for future reference.


A minimum of three duct greenhecj is required on the inlet and outlet of the fan to prevent system effect losses. Personnel should have a clear understanding of these instructions and should be aware of general safety precautions.

Greenheck Bsq-160-30 4260cfm 3hp Exhaust Fan

Please enter your Email ID. Call Send a quick message. Skip to main content. The model BSQ ducted inline fan must be installed with the motor accessible for maintenance and inspection.

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Air Fan in Coimbatore. It will increase performance and reduce installation labor. Both options provide access panels on two sides. Remote Dial – Allows for remote, manual airow adjustments. The Model number system is designed to completely identify the fan. Tested OK for V.

Greenheck fan tbi-ca-4l up to 35, cfm 7. Find more suppliers in Bengaluru Inline Fans in Bengaluru. No problems to interior. BSQ fans are available in fourteen sizes with nominal grefnheck diameter ranging from 7 to 42 inches to. These compact inline fans are the ideal selection for indoor clean air applications including intake, exhaust, return or make-up air systems where space is a greenheck consideration.

Verify that the power source is compatible with the equipment. We greenhheck here to help! The most notable is reducing system effects. Model BSQ is a belt drive centrifugal inline exhaust fan. Comes with a Solid State Speed Control. Wire box missing on side of motor. Other considerations may be required if seismic activity is present. The fans are specifically designed for roof top applications. It is a Greenheck Centrifugal Exhaust Fan. The gure 1 example shows the air being discharged into the corner.


The rotation of the wheel is critical. Never open access doors to a duct while the fan is.

Greenheck Cabinet Inlinet Fans (bsq)

Open the catalog to page 3. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Both the fan and lter section feature removable access panels on both sides to remove and replace lters, making fan maintenance simple and fast. Enjoy Greenheck’s extraordinary service, before, during and after the sale. SQ and BSQ Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual.

In this conguration the air ow pattern at discharge is smooth and supports a more predictable system. Model Selection Procedure 1. Year of Establishment Filter Options The lter box is designed to provide a compact and convenient clean air solution. Improper installation can result in electric shock, possible injury due to coming in contact with moving parts, as well as other potential hazards. Motor must be securely and adequately grounded.