The Godspeaker Trilogy [Karen Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sold into slavery, Hekat dreams of power. Fate leads her to the. The Riven Kingdom (The Godspeaker Trilogy) [Karen Miller] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The King of Ethrea is dying. His only. This time I was able to read Karen Miller’s Godspeaker Trilogy. Godspeaker 1: Empress A slave trader chooses to purchase the beautiful but.

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It was a satisfying fantasy read with colliding worlds and ok characters. But it lost steam on the way, and became downright NobleBright boring towards the end.

I have, gospeaker it made absolute sense. Some love it to pieces, some hate it to shreds. As Rhian struggles to learn the truth, and keep her embattled crown, the murderous warhost of Mijak advances Dexterity Jones is a toymaker.

It was very dark and detailed a descent into madness more than anything else.

The Godspeaker Trilogy

The third book was not good. But I wish I had not spent my money on a book that was not an enjoyable read at all. To protect Rhian tri,ogy his country, he must place his trust in an exile from Mijak.

Sold into slavery, Hekat dreams of power. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The constant animal sacrifices lacked reality. The first book was ok.



I make periodic stabs at eating properly. After graduating with a BA Communications from the then Institute of Technology now University a few years ahead of Hugh Jackman, dammit, talk about rotten timing, I headed off to England and lived there for 3 years.

Fantasy novel series Novels by Karen Miller s fantasy novel stubs. Refresh and try again. As a long life fantasy reader who used to sneak Mercedes lackey and robin McKinley books into middle school and place them in my textbooks to read during class, this was a BIG DEAL for me to stop reading fantasy for a bit.

Aug 03, Beccabrewing rated it it was ok. It was a challenge that I undertook, and it yielded great results in terms of a paper. His only surviving heir is the princess Rhian. Some of the characters were also incredibly 2 dimensional and only seemed to have one running personality trait. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. There was nothing like able about the main character “Hekat”.

Claire Scott rated it it was amazing Jul 09, I’ll try to go back to this book when I have nothing else going on. Assisting Hekat is Vortkaone of the few good guys in his country’s horrible religion.

I had to make my own mind, especially as this book came up in trilogyy GrimDark circles. This type of speculation is what fantasy can be good for. Other books in the series. In Hammer of GodRhian fights a sea battle for her crown with Mass Teleportation and a Final Battle with some great explosive sequences.


Such a fantastic series, the ending is a little trilgy, I hate to say. For the nameless god of Mijak is with her, and it promises her the world.

Godspeaker Trilogy – Transformed by Love

The first threat is from a couple of dukes who refuse to acknowledge her queenship. So here is what I think.

It’s frustrating that all the characters are so illogical. But all acknowledge godwpeaker skills of the author, and almost all the negative reviews I found were purely on the subject matter: I will not say that this was a terrible series. Jun 28, Andrew Judd rated it it was amazing. It was long, and there was a lot of irrelevant information and details.

This series is good