Already have a Goalrilla goal but can’t seem to locate your owner’s manual? Not to worry! Here at you’ll find manuals for all current. 2. Vertical main post assembly is a two part process. ANCHOR SYSTEM INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (Day 1). Before digging the hole for this pole, check. Looking to install your Goalrilla basketball system or hoop? Check out our easy to follow installation guides & installation videos to suit your portable basketball.

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However, you shall be responsible for the removal of the hoop.


Before digging, we will require you to remove lighting system lines or utility lines which will obstruct our work. This distance is about one and a half foot. You will have to give your consent online and then have the signed copy faxed to us.

This is often done for free. On insta,lation first visit, our technician will confirm with someone, 18 years and over where the hoop will be situated. If you are a huge fan of basketball, you will someday have to install basketball hoop in your home. The base of the work has a warranty period of 6 months, while parts above ground has a warranty period of 90 years.

What weather condition is appropriate for the installation of my hoop? What is I have an old anchor kit, will there be need to dig it out?

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Do is still have to mark my property after signing the waiver? It takes between 90 and minutes to dig a normal hole. Can you explain what you mean by in-ground basketball goal installation. Basketball is without doubt one of the most loved game in the United States. Please instaloation that the diameter corresponds to the specification of the manufacturer. It takes about 45 minutes for this phase to be instsllation. Before installing an in-ground basketball goal, it is important you first survey the area before then proceeding to state authorities to obtain utility marking.


But if we were the ones that did the previous installation, then there will be no need for marking provided we are installing a new hoop of exact size as the former. Just like every other pole, basketball pole tends to wobble after installation. If there is an existing in-ground unit, it is your duty as a homeowner to get it removed before we make goalfilla first visit.

Tempered glass backboard Limited lifetime warranty Full-perimeter all-steel support frame provides maximum rim support Radius edge aluminum frame protects glass backboard 2. After finding the in-ground basketball hoop you would like to install, simply ring us up and we will deliver it to your home after picking it up from the store using our own truck.

What will happen to the instsllation What will the second phase consist of? Someone at least installatioh years of age must be present on both visits. The second spot will serve as an alternative should the first have underground obstruction. What does your warranty cover? What does it goalrilpa to be a Goalrilla? Please consult with your local contractor before doing this. Marking your property also ensures we stay within safety limits especially when using a jackhammer. This will have to be done before a new unit can be installed.

We advise you read between the lines of your waiver before penning down your signature.

Basketball Goal Installer Directory

Why am I required to be at home during the two visits? If after reading the waiver to me and I understand, will you help me check it again? Our warranty only covers the installation process, and not the product itself.

What are the commonest causes of damage? Can you explain what you mean by in-ground basketball goal installation This installation is done in 2 days. But before we do that, we will need you to provide us with the plan of your home and your preferred installation spots two. Should any electrical or plumbing obstruction be found in the first spot, we will have no other choice but to install in-ground basketball system in the second spot. We will communicate with the utility company on your behalf.


One-piece steel pole Uncompromised strength Welded gussets maximize stability and eliminate pole flex at base 3.

It is important you avoid dunking and then hanging on the rim of an installed basketball hoop. What depth will the hole be dug to?

Why is it necessary to have my property marked?

We will only do this if it is of similar model. To cancel your scheduled visit, it is important you give us a call 24 hours ahead of time. If weather condition is favorable, it takes goalrikla to 4 days to process your request for utility marking.

Sign up for the Steepleton Newsletter Special deals, industry news, new product announcements and more! Diggings can only be made 36 inches away from the marking. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to dispose all packing materials. State and local authorities require a clearance to be tendered before digging a hole four feet deep instaklation two feet wide.

Water coming from rainfall gathers at the lower portion of the hole, thus causing the concrete to take ogalrilla time to heal. Be sure to check out these products in our showroom Louisville Store Lexington Store.