If you have Windows, the only section of interest for you is the last one; “Setting up GIMP” at the end of the guide. If you have a Mac, scroll to the. Muista lukea ensin ohjeet. GIMP is a free, Photoshop-like image manipulation program, and as its use grows, so does the demand for detailed instruction on. helmikuu 5 Kritan hankkiminen; 6 Lis├Ątietoa; 7 Vinkit ja ohjeet. Ohjeita Tukee monia eri tiedostomuotoja, mukaan lukien GIMP ja Adobe Photoshop.

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There are some available in separate packages myspell-hyphen-mythes-libreoffice-help. You will add the hidden object to the new layer. Thorsten “otto” Stettin packaging. Allen has extensive experience with desktop and system software for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Adjust the fit giml the selected area by clicking an individual node, holding down the mouse button and then dragging it closer to the correct spot. For example, load the image of a suitcase and a pistol.

Thus, users can design their own image processing library on top of G’MIC. gim

Click the tab for the first khjeet and then click the “Background” square in the Tool box. There are some available in separate packages myspell-hyphen-mythes-libreoffice-help- If you just want to be able to spellcheck etc.


Click around the outline of the area you want to appear as a simulated X-ray. Click the “Colors” menu and then “Levels.

This package contains the localization of Thunderbird in Nynorsk Norway. It proposes commands to handle custom interactive windows where events can be managed by the user. Click ohjfet first node you made to close the loop around ohjet area and then click anywhere within the outlined area to convert it into a selection. Accessed 31 December The X-ray effect will uncover the pistol packed away inside the suitcase. Project Managers and Main Developers: This package contains the localization of Thunderbird in Bokmaal Norway.

Click the “Down” arrow on the Opacity spin control until the opacity is 90 to allow some of the black background to show through. Alan Kwan afre testing, filters. Versions of package thunderbird-l10n-nb-no Release Version Architectures jessie.

Angelo Lama testing, EKD integration.

Debian Edu Norwegian desktop packages

Allen Bethea has written articles on programming, web design,operating systems and computer hardware since Here are some screenshots illustrating various uses of G’MIC. Maintainers of Mozilla-related packages Mike Hommey.

Lainaaminen iPhoneen tai iPadiin: Lukas Tvrdy Krita integration. Jason van Gumster ; Robert Shimonski.

GIMP Bible | Ellibs Library

Libreoffice-l10n-nb office productivity suite gimo Norwegian language package http: The second image will be the hidden object you want the X-ray to reveal. Move the “Contrast” slider to the right or positive direction to sharpen the underlying area. You can switch user interface language using the locales system. Select the object you want to hide within the first image using the Scissors Selection tool.


Maxime Daisy code, testing.

How to Get an X-ray Effect in GIMP

Versions of package thunderbird-l10n-nn-no Release Version Architectures buster. Tobias Fleischer testing, code.

Procedures may vary with other versions of Gimp. G’MIC is an open framework: Warning Information in this article applies to Gimp 2. Boudewijn Rempt Krita ohjret, code, testing. The normal Gimp Copy command should work as well, but sometimes it doesn’t pick the current selected area the first time you press “Ctrl-C.

Debian Edu Norwegian desktop packages Official Debian packages with high relevance Firefox-esr-l10n-nb-no. For a better overview of the project’s availability as a Debian package, each head row has a color code according to this scheme:. Andrea Ferrero testing, code, builds.