() Miichi, Ken, Farouk, Omar (eds.), Southeast Asian Muslims in the era of globalization, pp. 61 – (Part of book). Download/Full Text. Open Access. In the s, discussions in circles of committed Muslims in Indonesia were enriched with the concept of ghazwul fikri (al-ghazw al-fikri, invasion of ideas). Ghazwul FIKRI updated their profile picture. April 3 ·. Ghazwul FIKRI’s photo. Like Comment. See All. Photos. Image may contain: text. Image may contain: one or.

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Ghazwlu here to sign up. Islamizing Martin van Bruinessen, Ghazwul fikri or Arabization? Cambridge University Press, pp. The talk of Arabization versus Westernization implicitly assumes an essentialized, homogenized Arab world, or an equally ghzwul West, impinging upon a vulnerable and malleable Indonesian ummah.

The Negara Islam Indonesia NII movement had its origins in the Darul Islam uprising that from the late s until its final suppression in the early s had constituted a considerable force in several regions. The term ghazwul fikri was part of a much larger complex of ideas, an entire Weltanschauung, that was adopted lock, stock and barrel from Middle Eastern Islamist sources and propagated by certain local actors backed up by lavish funding from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

Help Center Find new research papers in: The history of Islam in Indonesia is one of wave upon wave of reform, brought about by ghazwuul returning pilgrims, after which the reformed practices and beliefs were soon accommodated in new local adaptations or gave rise to anti-reformist protests Ricklefs; van Bruinessen Masyumi leader Mohamad Natsir had been ghazwjl under Sukarno and was released from prison soon after Suharto took over.

Vhazwul major Muslim associations, such as Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama, were established according to Dutch Indies legislation and followed the model of Dutch Christian religious associations, also in terms of the type of activities they engaged in.

Ghazwul fikri or Arabization? Indonesian Muslim responses to globalization

The first Indonesians to pursue Islamic studies in Western academia, as early as the late s and s, were a handful of young men affiliated with the Reformist Muslim party Masyumi which in those years was the main pro-Western party. PKS activists established a number of schools that provide cheap and good education, besides solid discipline; a Salafi group fimri a large, well-funded madrasah that successfully targets the local Muslim middle class.

Fahmina is a rather small NGO but it derives strength from its good connections with the major pesantrens of the gjazwul. Under the New Order their number rapidly expanded until every province had one.


Critics were quick to point out that this concept was itself a symptom of another kind of cultural invasion. Muslims across the spectrum, from secular-minded liberals and progressives to Islamists and Salafis, have in various ways incorporated some influences of Western origin or fukri by actors in the West as well as influences traceable to the Middle East, alongside yet other influences. Some of the other new movements are purely Fikei, but do take a great interest in Muslim struggles elsewhere in the world.

A perusal of relevant journals may yet show up earlier usage of the term in the late s, but these are the books one finds often quoted by later Indonesian authors. The liberal and tolerant attitudes displayed by the likes of Wahid and Madjid were decried as threats to genuine Islam, the unfortunate effects of globalization, an invasion of dangerous alien ideas: Pak Dody had grown up in the early years of Indonesian Independence and belonged to the last generation that had benefited from a Dutch school education.

The first intifada — ghazuwl a turning point, no doubt in part due to the availability and impact of televised images. Recipients of these grants were to play leading parts in the Islamist and Salafi movements that flourished in semi-legality in the s and came to the surface after Islamic and Other Visions c.

Relatively few of the cadre members of the PKS, but a larger proportion in the central leadership, have been educated in Saudi Arabia or elsewhere in the Arab world. The increasing popularity of the term reflects increasing communication with the Arab Middle East. The PKS not only maintains connections with the Middle East but has also been careful to cultivate relations with Indonesian students abroad, in the West as well as the Arab world.

As these organizations have discovered that they were to some extent losing control of their constituencies — ghazwu, mosques and schools were taken over by Hizb ut-Tahrir or PKS activists — they have begun making efforts to consolidate themselves and defend their turf against further takeovers.

The first wave was that of medieval crusaders, with the cross and the sword, who were ultimately repelled. fikrl

Skip to main content. However, as the definition of the conflict gradually changed — the ethnic conflict between Jews and Arabs became a national one pitting Palestinians against Israelis, and ultimately one between Muslim and Judeo-Christian civilization — Palestinian Arabs increasingly came to be seen as fellow Muslims, and anti- colonial solidarity was reframed as ghazwjl solidarity.


This was a largely home-grown Islamist movement, but like the student movement of the s and s, it also adopted ideas and methods of disciplining from the Muslim Brotherhood. The Modernization of Islam in Indonesia: This is perhaps not as surprising as it seems at first sight.

The two mainstream organizations fiiri made it clear that they consider these transnational movements to be threats ghazsul their existence, and there are the beginnings of more assertive action in fikro of the existing local forms of Islam. Cirebon is known for its distinctive and rich traditions in music, dance, batik and other art forms, as well as its colourful local adaptations of Islamic practices and the wide range of syncretistic mystical movements that emerged here.

Al Ghazwul Fikri by Eliza Riviera Rachmawati Jasin on Prezi

fikro Most of these were at some time connected with the DDII and modelled themselves to some extent on the Muslim Brotherhood or the Hizb ut-Tahrir, the other major transnational Islamist movement.

Orthodox Islam as opposed to syncretistic Javanism has long been dominated here by four large pesantrens, located around and at some distance from the city of Cirebon, which remain very influential in the cultural and political life of the region. The situation changed dramatically aroundwhen in various parts of the country violent mobs, incited by self-appointed guardians of orthodoxy, attacked Ahmadi institutions and ggazwul, while the police, reluctant to appear insufficiently sympathetic to radical Islam, did not dare to intervene.

Log In Sign Up. It is undoubtedly true that the numbers of Indonesians travelling abroad have dramatically increased during the past few decades and that the flows of goods and ideas from the Middle East as well as the West and from other regions Martin van Bruinessen, Ghazwul fikri or Arabization? Only from the s onwards was there a significant shift to the dissemination of more strictly apolitical, Salafi literature.

IAIN graduates in the religious bureaucracy, in the religious courts and in education have proven to be a force of moderation and reason in the conflict-ridden years following the fall of the Suharto regime.