Psychology and Life. Richard J. Gerrig Philip G. Zimbardo Frode Svartdal Tim Brennen Roger Donaldson Trevor Archer. About the Book · Table of Contents. Richard Gerrig is now the lead author of this classic text. His background as a cognitive psychologist has complemented Philip Zimbardo’s social psychology. This edition of Psychology and Life is fresh with the most up-to-date Psychology and life / Richard J. Gerrig. .. between Richard Gerrig and Philip Zimbardo.

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This item is out of print and has been replaced with Psychology and Life, 20th Edition. Psychology and Life continues to provide a rigorous, research-centered survey of the discipline while offering students special features and learning aids that will spark their interest, excite their imaginations, and get them to think critically about the material. Over research studies are spotlighted throughout the text, with the goal of showcasing the how and the why behind key psychological research.

This product is part of the following series. Click on a series title to see the full list of products in the series. Integrated directly into the text within each chapter are descriptions of classic and cutting edge research studies.

To keep Psychology and Life on the cutting edge of psychological science, we have also expanded coverage of cognitive neuroscience throughout the book and included new brain images in several chapters.

Psychology in Your Life: Psychology in Your Life topics include:. Critical Thinking in Your Life: Critical Thinking in Your Life topics include:. New Critical Thinking in Your Life: How is Personality Conveyed in Cyberspace?


Extended section on evolutionary perspectives on trait dimensions, with updated research. The Goals of Psychology. Why Do Friendships End? Women as Pioneering Researchers. Discovering Psychology Viewing Guide. Observer Biases and Operational Definitions.

Alternative Explanations and the Need for Controls.

Psychology and Life by Gerrig, Zimbardo | Pearson

Achieving Reliability and Validity. Behavioral Measures and Observations. Issues in Animal Research. Why is Skill with Numbers Important?

Evolution and Natural Selection. Variation in the Human Genotype. Neurotransmitters and Their Functions. What Does “It’s Genetic” Mean? Zimbardk on the Brain. Brain Structures and Their Functions. The Proximal and Distal Stimuli. From Physical Events to Mental Events. The Pupil and the Lens. Processes in the Brain. The Physics of Sound.

Psychological Dimensions of Sound. The Physiology of Hearing. Touch and Skin Senses. The Vestibular and Gerrimg Senses. What is Eating “Hot” Food Painful? Principles of Perceptual Grouping. Spatial and Temporal Integration. Bottom-Up and Top-Down Processes. The Influence of Contexts and Expectations. Studying the Contents of Consciousness. The Uses of Consciousness. Studying the Functions of Consciousness.

Theater of the Mind. Varieties of Psychoactive Drugs. Behaviorism and Behavior Analysis. Applications of Classical Conditioning. The Law of Effect. Experimental Analysis of Behavior. To Spank or Not to Spank?

An Overview of Psycholovy Processes. The Processes of Encoding and Retrieval.

Improving Memory for Unstructured Information. Remembering as a Reconstructive Process. Searching for the Engram. Discovering the Processes of Mind. Mental Processes and Mental Resources. Language, Thought, and Culture.


Why and How Do People Lie? Combining Verbal and Visual Representations. The Psychology of Decision Making. Can Political Experts Predict the Future? Basic Features of Formal Assessment. The Origins of Intelligence Testing. Can You Trust Assessment on the Web? Psychometric Theories of Intelligence. The History of Group Comparisons.

Psychology and Life, 19th Edition

Culture and the Validity of IQ Tests. Assessing Creativity and the Link zi,bardo Intelligence. Prenatal and Childhood Development. Physical Development in Adolescence. Physical Changes in Adulthood. Contemporary Perspectives on Early Cognitive Development. Cognitive Development in Adulthood. Perceiving Speech and Perceiving Words. Social Development in Childhood.

Social Development in Adolescence.

Social Development in Adulthood. Gender Identity and Gender Roles. Gender and Cultural Perspectives on Moral Zimgardo. Functions of Motivational Concepts. A Hierarchy of Needs. The Physiology of Eating. The Psychology of Eating. Human Sexual Arousal and Response. The Evolution of Sexual Behaviors. Attributions for Success and Failure. Work and Organizational Psychology. Basic Emotions and Culture.

The Impact of Mood and Emotions. Positive Effects of Stress. The Biopsychosocial Model of Health. Job Burnout and the Health-Care System. A Toast to Your Health. Do Traits Predict Behaviors?