Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. I got an old laptop model MA2 without powersupply. SetIP command to see and change the IP addresses of the console. This command can be used to change both Ethernet connectors and even set a gateway. Requirement: STP (shielded twisted pair) cable with RJ45 connector, min. Cat 5e . To connect Ethernet port 1: Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the.

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I have resoldered, then replaced the DC Jack with no luck.

Connect Ethernet – grandMA2 User Manual – Help pages of MA Lighting International GmbH

The [coil] on the circuit board is actually a jumper, since the uH microHenry is so high and no forward direction needed because the diode blocks reverse current. Selecting a cell with an IP address in the table and pressing the screen encoder will give open an input box that allows changes to the IP address. Anonymous Fri Apr 23, Will verify the model number when returning to shop. Sorcerer Tue May 11, What can i test?

Check the front center of the DC to the rear for continuity.


I cant make out the code on the chip as its blown off. Should be 1 PChannel and 1 NChannel. There are several ground point for the DC Jack and he missed an important one. If you need to set maa2 IP in the onPC, please follow this link.

Looking at the picture, the post on the left is where I jumped to. Not Stupid Ken, You solved it.

Connect Ethernet

I may have poseted previous comment on wrong page. David Thu Oct 21, Do you already have an account? If it says anything other than “Standalone”, then you need to tap Leave Session. Will run tests and report back.

Sorry for the delay- I am new at blogging, and was attempting to put info out the best I could. Keep up the good work. If it is the coin type, flip it upside down, and press the power button. So if they replaced the DC jack with a new one that would fix it?

That’s why laptops seem such a breeze to fix. Also, is there a trick for testing the battery out? But how would I find that point? Anonymous Sun Mar 21, It now charges the battery and powers the laptop. Pulled battery, running on cord only. They seem strong, but I must say it’s a little more precise tiny then soldering I’m used too. Are there any side effects to this fix? Further testing is necessary. I did as you suggested and jumpered from the POS to the diode leg.


Mason Man Tue Jun 15, I should check that. Similar Threads – can’t seem figure. We are all learning, and have to sometimes experiment, finding a solution is often rewarding and satisfying. Thanks for any help. Then type the new IP address – and reboot. Mayo where are the mosfet s located at? I just fix and move on. Yesterday I got an MA3 working with the tip on jumping straight to the diode leg.

Gateway Official Site: Worldwide

Have you heard of that? I have since opted from step by step details due to the number of questions from non-techs. Did you get a resolution? Again – gatewya I could help. Neil Wed Jun 30, The Art-Net addresses have two ranges that are allowed – one starting with 2 and one starting with I have a MA7 that arrived just the other day same issue.

What is your cost for replacing the bios chip, Thanks rayturner gmail.