Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. I got an old laptop model MA2 without powersupply. SetIP command to see and change the IP addresses of the console. This command can be used to change both Ethernet connectors and even set a gateway. Requirement: STP (shielded twisted pair) cable with RJ45 connector, min. Cat 5e . To connect Ethernet port 1: Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the.

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Meaker Sager Nov 22, Gatewat charge light comes on then goes out. The board layout for the MA3 is different then what you have shown. Any thought on this Help! Jamerton Dec 20, It manul started to loose connection. Do you already have an account? I had a job once doing hybrid IC’s. All I see left on the chip is 04, the rest is blown. I had another mobo available, so I put it in the project pile.

Also that they have substituted some models with cheaper chips, and may have to get that number too. Good to see that you never gave up. If no resistance, the Jack is bad. All i make out is the last 2 number I know it takes 3 hands, but you’ll find a way. Is there any danger in doing it this way?

When shorted, it will read near zero in both directions. I frigged I would start from the outlet and work my way down the line. I currently have run into a ma3 that is slightly different then the ma7. Looking at the picture, the post on the left is where I jumped to. The pictures show what the diode looks like and how I bypassed it on one unit. Thanks for the info!


And the solder looks good on the motherboard.

I cant make out the code on the chip as its blown off. The power jack is solid and solder joints all appear fine under magnification. And since I’ve been using it.

Connect Ethernet

Good job – I am getting power all the way up to that point already though. Hoosier Newman Wed May 22, Thank you for the advice.

The substrate was about the size of an pencil eraser, and from there we had to add a custom chip, SMT caps, resistors and 12 gold filament wires. Mayo Hardware Mon Jul 16, I have a MA7 that arrived just the other day same issue.

Mayo Hardware Fri May 21, I should check that. This makes sense though.

I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong with this gateway ma2 | NotebookReview

Mayo Hardware Sun Feb 07, It should be AO I have done 10 of these units and know how to by pass the 3rd layer board and jump the center pin dc jack to the fuse, so far they have all worked out great, learned the hard way as my first maunal needed a new motherboard, the MA7 is a nightmare. I found your blog a few days ago while looking for a solution to the MA7 power problem. It may be marked AO, which is common. Hi, I have a yateway MA7 Series laptop that constantly reboots about every 3 seconds, have swapped batteries, swapped ram and remove all drives and hard drive, and and it is still in a rebooting loop Ray.


I see PQ29 markedis this it or are there others? David Thu Oct 21, I grabbed another power cord working just fine. Im not sure how to locate which is the Diode to be jumped or which mosfet to check.

If not then gateay at the caps in the area. Its marked pd33 and i think its the one in your pic. Mayo Hardware Sat Aug 14, Currently I have a charged working battery, and its the only way i can run the laptop, but not for long. Thanks for any help. An IP address in a matching range is needed to be able to connect devices. Mayo Hardware Sun Jul 25, Yes if you take the positive lead from the hole and wire directly to the legs of the diode you should eliminate the hum in the power supply unless it has defective cap or something, but pwr supplies are relatively cheap.

Also, is there a trick for testing the battery out?