GamesTM. Imagine Publishing (): 26– External links TOC Previous Official website Batman: Arkham Origins on IMDb Categories: video games. Games Issue – Published 22nd March Kratos is back, everything is changing and we couldn’t be more excited. We get extended hands-on. Embed Tweet. GamesTM #, #DriveClub preview: “impressive stability, running at a cool 60fps” #PS4 60fps confermati per driveclub. PM – 16 Aug

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Sad to see both go at the same time though. The very best Xbox One headsets to give you superior audio and comfort, at cheaper prices. That might seem counter-intuitive, given the fact that you pay more when buying single copies, but subs are long-term repeat revenue that companies can depend on. I remember some guy made an image somewhere where he mocked review scales If you need better audio, at cheaper prices, here are our picks for the best PC headsets for gaming right now. Deals Spend those gift cards on an awesome new console, and have enough left over for some games.

Devastated to hear Future Publishing claimed another victim. Real shame gamest see any long-running mag go, gammestm GamesMaster is especially sad as it will have been a part of a lot of people’s childhood through the TV series. Forums Discussion Video Games.


GamesTM has been uniformly excellent all along. Deals Enjoy two of the most highly-rated PSVR games of recent times to begin your virtual journey and get them all for an absolute bargain.

News “Worst Joke of the Century”: OT but my very favorite mag ‘Acoustic’ guitar was finished earlier this year, and that was a truly fantastic publication. Oct 25, 1, NYC. Oct 26, 4, Looking for the best PS4 headset as a last-minute Christmas gift to yourself?

Holidays on GR We’d love to say we’re in hibernation, but have some fantastic articles planned over the festive season and into the new year. Oct 27, 2, The English Wilderness.

What do you do in that situation? These quotes from the cast offer a unique window into ‘s biggest movie. Feature See which games are free with your Xbox Live Gold subscription this month. And their editorial would cement it.

UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close

You must log in or register to reply here. Shame they’re both going but kind of surprised they lasted so long in this day age of the internet. It was hilarious and so true. Oct 25, 17, North East of Engurland. As someone who used to be editor and chief editor of several magazines it pains me to see how magazines and glossy’s slowly but surely disappear and publishing houses going under. Havent bought one in ages tho.


UK magazines GamesMaster and GamesTM to close | ResetEra

Oct 30, Kentucky. While undoubtedly enthusiastic, gAmEsTm is pretty poorly written – more like a fanzine than the quality copy and journalism you get in Edge. I dreamt gamestmm working there one day when I was a youngster.

The biggest thing readers can do to ensure magazines stick about is subscribe. Oct 25, Review Our review of the Razer Blackwidow Elite – does it live up to the hype and the price? Do you think something can be done to save magazines.

Total Film magazine reveals its favourite films of the year, from Avengers: Loved the show though. Feature As voted for by the readers of Retro Gamer magazine with unrivalled developer insight into each classic gaming machine. It’s a shame I hope everyone lands on their feet elsewhere but it was always going to happen in the age of the internet and video consumption.

Real shame about GamesMaster. Mar 7, Sad to see it gaestm.

Oct 27, 1, I walk past their HQ quite often.