Der Futurelight DJ-Scan Scanner hat ein Effektrad mit rotierendem 3- Facetten-Prisma, 4-Facetten-Prisma, 3D-Prisma und 9-Facetten-Prisma. Die Prismen. Re: Futurelight DJ-SCAN Post by OvisĀ» Wed Jan 27, pm. Thank you. MBP 13 i5 8 GB OS X El Capitan ENTTEC PRO Mk2. Images Futurelight DJ-SCAN – Audiofanzine. Futurelight DJ-SCAN +. Futurelight DJ-SCAN DJ-SCAN , Moving mirror from Futurelight.

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Connection with the mains Connect the device to the mains with the enclosed power supply cable. The dealer will not accept liability for any resulting defects or problems.

Contact closure between tip and sleeve is reached when the footswitch is employed. This is especially valid for metal parts. This device then works as master-device and controls all other slave-devices, which are to be connected to the master-device via a balanced microphone lead.

The room must only be saturated with an amount of smoke that the visibility will always be more than 10 meters. Please use a moist, lint-free cloth.

Pictures and images Futurelight DJ-SCAN – Audiofanzine

Should you have further questions, please contact your dealer. The front mirror and the objective lens will require weekly cleaning as smoke-fluid tends to building up residues, reducing the light-output very quickly.


There must never enter any liquid into power outlets, extension cords or any holes in the housing of the device. You must only use safety-ropes with quick links with screw cap.

Remove the old fuse from the fuseholder. A safety rope which already held the strain of a crash or which is defective must not dj-svan used again.

If you cannot detect a hot- spot, adjust the lamp until the light is even. It can be floor mounted or suspended by its bracket. Always disconnect from the mains, when the device futurelighht not in use or before cleaning it.

Please make sure that there are no obvious transport damages. Improper installation can result in bodily injury and. Moisture or very high humidity can reduce the insulation and lead to mortal electrical shocks.

Futurelight Dj Scan 575 (pair)

Aluminium with polished finish Ambient temperature: This product is only allowed to be operated with an alternating voltage of V, 50 Hz and was designed for indoor use only. The power plug must always be inserted without force. Please note, the starting address depends upon which controller is being used. Never use the device during thunderstorms. This device must never be operated or stockpiled in sourroundings where splash water, rain, moisture or fog may harm the device.


Most damages are the result of unprofessional operation! Posted 18 November – Never use alcohol or solvents! Only handle the power-cord by the plug. The gobos may be cleaned with a soft brush. You currently have javascript disabled. You can do without a controller as the DJ-SCAN features a built-in microphone, which provides automatic sound control.

This is why you need to take notes on the operational time of the lamp and replace the lamp in time. English, German, French, Spanish Ask a question. Every DMX-channel has a different occupation with different features. The lamp must only be changed when wearing appropriate protective clothing protection glasses, protection gloves, helmet with sight, leather apron. Damages caused by non-observance are not subject to warranty. If the projector shall be lowered from the ceiling or high joists, professional trussing systems have to be used.

The lens has to be replaced when it is obviously damaged, so that its function is impaired, e.