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You, of course, received my card from Pierce thanking you for your enclosed offering? Truth is free of course, but for my time ordy have been having one dollar each for individual letters.

So do you not see that you are not to produce something, only come to your own? That is all you have to do to realize wealth — “turn it on” by acknowledg- ing it as a reality. You attract by your vibration. These are exceedingly material items, aren’t they? When we come to know absolutely that our every thought is franxes because impelled by the One creative How to Obtain Life urge, then our ideals manifest in much shorter time.

Frances Larimer Warner – If Only Thoughts Were Things…

And the longed-for pleasure, or boon, or aim, or object, is the steel: I will tell you a way to change the habit of your hair which you ask to be specially treated. Electricity was no less a power expressed through its first crude form. warrner

So take heart and never lose heart, as could you have known my old environment you would feel that you perhaps have less to over- come. Simply because we have never Our Invisible Supply tasted of the joys of Spirit, so have no knowledge of anything higher or more soulnsatisfjdng than the natural affords.

Satisfaction never has been and never will be realized through sense gratification alone. Baby-craft gives plain directions for baths; should they be of water, oil or mud? I am anxious to learn and to grow, that I may be the means sometime of giving light and help to others.

You certainly have great faith to still stand by your convictions of Truth, though finding yourself, after having studied twenty years, still unable to apply it to the financial problem. It was ever so dear of you to typewrite those copies for me. I think that every proof of faith that one can have, encourages our trust in the Law of faith, so I wiU relate these experiences for your benefit. Well, my dear, if that is so, why are you in mourning, as your stationery would indicate?


What else could it do but act upon the statement?

Because he is sometimes ignorant of the power he is vMngy does not prove steam a fickle good. I fairly screamed with delight, of course, but was not so impressed with the deep significance of the incident at the time, as it was long years before I became a scientist. That which comes to me from this work I use in spreading Truth. Your hair has expressed yoiu- thought of limit- ation and so has not grown abundantly.

I am keeping the addresses of students and hope sometime to meet them all face to face. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. To bring a commonsense view to the case, while to be sure the ideal view is to work selflessly, at the stage in evolution of the majority of mortals and I know in my own case, I do require certain necessities and desire certain luxuries or simple pleasures and am not ashamed to confess it, while at the same time that to which I would like to devote my Ufe most of all would be active work along these New Thought lines.

Faith is the secret of occult power but can become the rule of our every action, rather than the exception, and is tlw one thing above all to be attained.

I think your great desire for true companiondiip has pertiaps grown into anxiety, and anxiety is larimfr, and doubt is the opposing force that prevents the fulfillment of your desires. My Dear Lover of Souls: OU say the law of supply is one of the laws you desire to learn.

When I begin to demonstrate improved conditions, it will be my first pleasure to express more fully the gratitude in my heart. Simply because he didnH know it vxia there. Another incident is this: Now do you not see how we may escape the experience realm and comprehend something of the Law of Alchemy as the ancients ladimer the Law of Spirit?


If not, let me know and I will try again.

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We limit by withholding the symbol moneyas symbol and reahty are one. Well, my dear, I managed to hold to enough faith to see him through three years of college, and good is constantly coming to him; so that for years his friends have said, franes a lucky boy you are! I can only advise you in this way about the lover — say this to him mentally: In the arrangement of the book, I have fol- lowed my letters frqnces three short articles which emphasize my individual teaching in the matter of calling into action the Law of Supply, and which when printed in the columns of one of our magazines brought to me so many letters of in- quiry and appeal, as to show that many were seeking for the truth which I had demonstrated.

By letting go, I mean do not inffict wzrner fear and doubt upon their future. You ask, can we by simply sitting warnet and imaging a million dollars, get it? So now, my dear, do you not see how and why we may be idle, or, rather, still on the outer plane?

Can you not organize a reading circle and begin with Hudson’s Law of Psychic Phenomena? I was a close student for nearly ten years before I was able to prove it my supply, as well as my health and happiness, but I knew the failure was because of a lack of understanding and not a lack in reality: OUR letter is at hand with offer- ing enclosed, for which I warneg you.