NOTES ON “FRAGMENTS OF A ZADOKITE. WORK”. THE text of this remarkable document which Prof. Schechter has published in the first volume of his. The Damascus Document, also called the Cairo Damascus document (CD) or Damascus Rule, The fragments found by Solomon Schechter were originally called the Zadokite Fragments, but after the work was found at Qumran, the name . Section of Zadokite Fragment (T-S 10K6) on Sabbath laws (KB) he was able to offer, in his introduction to Fragments of a Zadokite Work (pp. xxv-xxvi).

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This prohibition, as it must be specially pointed out, extends also to divorce, or rather to marrying a second wife, as iong as the woro wife is alive though she had been divorced IHOH which is however very doubtful.

As far as historical evidence goes, the Pharisees could only have made their power felt at a much later date. And their children [perished by it And their kings] were cut off by it, And their mighty men.

Kirkisani, Kirkisani, published by Dr A. For twenty years, however, closely following the End of the Wrath, Israel was blind, groping its way, because of the evil effects of the erroneous teachings or waters of lies of the Man of Scoffing, who led Israel astray.


Levi, 14 5 — 8, cf. Possibly this denunciation is in some way connected with the accusation of Test. The splitting of the fish had, according to this writer, to be done by one of the Sect, as the HD’DR, according to some Samaritans and Karaites, had to be done by a Jew.

It is a further and larger question whether we have to deal with a sort of counter-tradition fragmejts with an interpretation claiming to go back to primitive Judaism. But on the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the Falashas hope for the restoration of Zion and Jerusalem, and their veneration for the House of David is strongly in contrast with the tendency of our Sect. And the desires of His will [the which if a man do, he shall live by them] He opened before them.

Damascus Document

H Charles in R. To lead them in the way of His heart. See also below, Iieb.

By it the first that entered into the covenant incurred guilt, And they were delivered. Zadokitr No man shall do a thing as buy ing and sell ing un less he has spoken to. But when He remembered the covenant of the forefathers, He left a remnant. Rules about priests and disqualification 3.

Such transposition could have come about only if the Cairo Genizah documents used by Charles were in codex format, and not in scroll form. Views Read Edit View history. This is the time concerning which it has been written: And true is thy judgment against us: Blank No man shall rest in a place near.


Full text of “Schechter Fragments Of A Zadokite Work “

According to ] their uncleanness shall be unclean he who toucheth them. The fragments were discovered by Solomon Schechter in in the Cairo Genizaa storeroom adjoining Ben Ezra Synagogue in Old Cairo, among overmanuscripts and fragments that were written in mainly Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic. Blank And all wood and stones. Set up a giveaway.

Blank As to what he said, Deut Now, therefore, children, hearken unto me 1 and I will open your eyes to sec and to meditate over the deeds of God, and to choose what He desireth and despise what He hateth. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Tobiah in his Lckach Tob to Deut.


And they hearkened not. Who this Zadok was, of the many persons bearing this name in the Bible, it is impossible to say. And they were punished according to their error. Early commentaries on Genesis 6: Some words are also provided with Babylonian and Palestinian vowel-points p.