The concept for the Flybrid flywheel Kinetic Energy. Recovery System (KERS) was originally developed by Jon Hilton and his team when he was technical. The race to develop regenerative braking technology is on and UK-based Flybrid Systems look to have come up with the first workable solution. Solution 1 – the. F1 KERS: Flybrid How KERS Works (the basics) Flybrid. When Max Mosley announced at the British Grand Prix in that he wanted F1 cars to develop.

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A closer look at Torotrak’s Flybrid KERS

Although it can store up to 60kW, the high speed means shaft torque is very low, at no more than 18Nm. Using the expertise of industry professionals, we look in detail at racecar design and innovation, whilst also keeping you up to date with news and developments from all the major race series across the globe.

Retrieved from ” https: Often that would be the driver.

Engineers at MIT have also implemented an electric bicycle which makes use of KERS which costs less to produce than a typical electric bicycle and hence could lead to lower costs. Their second KERS equipped car finished fifth. Opting to kfrs the flywheel solution they sat down and roughed out the basics of a design. Flybrids may also be comparatively cheap to buy.

Batteries aren’t the only way to store kinetic energy, though. In fact, teams were so convinced of the advantage of KERS that many of the teams competing for the constructors title changed their cars mid-season to stay competitive in the title race. By making hybridisation more accessible and affordable, we can make a real impact on fleet emissions and running costs. However, they set up Williams Hybrid Power to sell their developments.


If you move the CVT toward a gear ratio that would flyybrid the flywheel up it stores energy.

Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: When needed, the redelivery of the energy is similar to that of kets electric KERS implementation, the rotating flywheel is connected to the wheels of the car and when called upon provides a power boost. Torotrak has also clybrid a CVT transmission licensed to Allison in the US for bus and truck applications and has come up with a variable-ratio supercharger.

Archived from the original on Both parties believed this collaboration would improve McLaren’s KERS system and help the system to transfer its technology to road cars.

So could flybrids compete with battery hybrids? If the flywheel, rotating at thousands of revolutions per jers, is freed from its constrains, it could inflict heavy damage on anything it collides with. Meaning flywheels can release stored energy far more quickly than batteries.

F1 KERS: Flybrid – Racecar Engineering

Porsche has decided that the flywheel system isn’t “energy dense” enough for a passenger car. Vodafone McLaren Mercedes began testing of their KERS in September at the Jerez test track in preparation for the Tlybrid season, although at that time it was not yet known if they would be operating an electrical or mechanical system.

Once the project was outlined it was determined that most of the challenges had off-the-shelf solutions already fully developed, apart from four areas where the company was going to have to invent its own answers. So flybid does Knichel think we’ll see them on sale?

F1 KERS: Flybrid

The KERS boost can provide drivers with an additional 80 bhp for up to 7 seconds a lap. You don’t have a degradation of performance over life. And they don’t present so many tricky issues when it comes to disposal. Flybrid is unlikely to be used as a retarder on a heavy double-decker bus — Wrightbus has it on trial on the StreetLite single-decker.


In the event kerx a crash, this could impede medical staff from providing attention to a driver still in the car. The electric KERS was what many teams started off trying to implement into their cars. Eventually, during the season, Renault and BMW stopped using the system. When Porsche announced its return to Le Mans init also unveiled an LMP1 car with a kinetic energy recovery system.

Can flywheel technology drive out the battery from car hybrids?

The energy, stored in a double-layer capacitoris used to supply power needed by vehicle electrical systems. Then inAudi Sport’s flywheel flynrid, the R18 e-tron quattro became the first hybrid car to win the legendary Le Mans hour endurance race.

Together with his design manager Doug Cross they started looking at every conceivable solution.

Bosch also offers a range of electric hybrid systems for commercial and light-duty applications. The author grants permission to copy, distribute and display this work in unaltered form, with attribution to the author, for noncommercial purposes only. Volvo, usually an industry leader in innovation, kres already built a development mule of their flagship S60 with a mechanical keys implementation. I already have an account Log in.

There are two main implementations of the KERS system and they differ in how the energy is stored.

The vehicle remained in use so equipped until The obvious benefit of KERS is the boost provided.