I’ve imported a floorplan, that didn’t import with the correct scale – ie door width is 2′-9″ not 3′-0″. How do I update the scale by clicking two. Everything you want to know about and Check out this in depth Floorplanner review – one of the free floor plan I thought maybe they’re trying to make us use MagicPlan to import floor plans, but then I.

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To ungroup the surfaces, simply select them, right-click, and select Ungroup.

Using wysiwyg’s Import Floorplan Feature – CAST Software

Keep copying and pasting columns until you have drawn all of them. First Floor 3D View. Here is the image of the floorplan: Want do you want? Tablet Version Yes There’s a floor plan viewer available on the ipad and iphone nothing on android just yet.

Leave me a comment in the box below. Next, we have to define a diagonal wall. X ortho should still be enabled.

Still it’s an interesting idea for getting a rough floor plan done quickly on the go. A window appears prompting you to enter the length of the dimension you just defined. Easy to Use Yes It is easy to use, although in parts this Floorplanner review has turned more into a ‘how to’ because some of the features are hard to find.

It has a set scale a small scale at the bottom, to give an idea of the measurements. To make the walls there are two options. I am at least 16 years of age. Once the walls are complete, it is a good idea to create the doors and windows before drawing anything else. I understand that you will use my information to send me a newsletter.


Importing an image to trace on top of is really handy if you already have a copy of the floor plans, say from a real estate brochure that you want to use to get you started. Enter Dimensions No I can’t help thinking this must be easy to fix, or maybe it’s in the paid version. The floorplan image appears and wysiwyg prompts you in the bottom left corner of the window to click the starting point of the area that you are going to measure the Dimension.

You can use MagicPlan to draw the outline of a room and then upload it into Floorplanner to tweak the design and decorate. There’s a floor plan viewer available on the ipad and iphone nothing on android just yet. There is a scale placed on the print outs but you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version to be able to set your own scale.

This way, when you select everything in the next step, the columns will not be included in the selection set. You can view the floor plans you design on the Floorplanfinder app available for ipad and iphone. In addition to the details shown in the image, the following information is known. Highlight the Columns layer, and deselect the check mark beside Editable to make this layer uneditable.

They are also integrated with MagicPlan. Zoom out to see the entire floorplan once again. To overcome this, we must change the surfaces that we have drawn walls, floor, and ceiling into Single-Sided surfaces. There’s no option to manually enter the dimensions, and getting an exact dimension becomes frustrating. Repeat these steps to create the remaining columns in the venue.

Creating the Walls 1. Cloning a floor floorplanner Floorplanner. A message appears asking you to define a known floorplanmer in the floorplan that you are importing. Something a little different. I’ve had a bit of a go with MagicPlan and I did not find it as easy as taking a picture.


I think cloning is a really important feature for floor plan software. First Floor Floor Plan. I wish you all the best for your project. Since we have created the venue by hand, however, we must also draw the floor and ceiling by hand using the Surface tool. Via email, Twitter or Facebook.

It is very simple to add windows, doors and stairs. The view scales according to the dimension that you entered. Open the graphics editing program of your choice. The squares around the doors and running down the length of the room represent floor-to-ceiling columns.

How to import a floorplan

The import option is in the weirdest place. Working in Quad view is recommended here, as the results of changing the surfaces in this way will be displayed immediately.

Create a new wysiwyg file. You can share your design through Facebook, Twitter or through email. First, disable Ortho mode by pressing the F8 key.

The Shaded pane of the Quad view changes. Finally, right-click and select Close Line to close the line and end the Line tool. See the instructions in the ‘Import’ section above. As well as publishing that we went through above you can export a plan in an image format a low resolution jpgor a pdf format.