This tutorial will go through all the basics of FlashPunk. After following it, you’ll be ready to make a simple game with this amazing library!. Browse FlashPunk tutorial direct from indie game developers. Create a simple platformer-style game from scratch using only your brain and FlashPunk! – zachwlewis/FlashPunk-Platform-Tutorial.

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Open up MyWorld again and add this line into its constructor:. In the end of the whole thing, we check if both vertical and horizontal movement are set to true.

Following this is a bunch of if else calls that all check whether a particular key is being pressed.

We RTFM for you.

For this example, I will open up our MyEntity class and embed it like so:. For non-animations, it is enough to specify only one frame, set the framerate to 0 and set looping to false. But in order for Entities to do any of this, they need to be added to a World. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So the next step is to work with the most common class you will be working with in FlashPunk, flashhpunk Entity class. The first line embeds the file found at the specified location relative to this classand the second line assigns that embedded file to a property.


So if we have an Entity called Playerin it we can define flasgpunk parameters like this:. Both ways work the same, so you can do it whichever way you prefer.

This site uses cookies. This is the Engine class. Now, to get it into my game, I have to embed it into a game class. Currently working on reformatting the tutorial.

FlashPunk Basics

This is the place where we handle our input for the player. So now, what if we want the Bullet to be destroyed when the Player collides with it? Implicit coercion of a value of type Class to an unrelated type net. Entity ; import net.

Also, I recommend that you follow the series in order, because the posts build up on each other.

FlashPunk Tutorial How to make your avatar move | The Doglion

Glad you liked it! Now we move on to implement the player into the game world!

Our message tracing at 60 FPS. I recommend doing a few primers and learning some basics such as Classes, Objects, variables, variable scope, and basic AS3 operators before diving into Tutoril.

I would like to make a character moving also in diagonals.


An Entity represents any game object that can:. I set the hitbox values two different ways here.

FlashPunk Tutorial: Handling Collision

The same procedure is used for vertical movement. Illegal assignment to tutogial Player. Immediately after this function is called, the game loop will start ticking and your game will run. World is an organizational class in FlashPunk: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Engine ; import net. These tutorials serve to teach you how to make games using FlashPunk, but do not teach you the basics of ActionScript3 and how to tutirial it.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Conversely, you can remove an object from a World with the tuotrial function. We define input labels. Much like defining animations for Spritemaps, the Input class has the define method, that lets you bundle a group of keys under one label. With this knowledge, we can then use that assigned variable in the if-statement, since the statement will only evaluate true for a non-null value.