Final Fantasy VII – PDF Guides Download file – Walkthrough + Guide Download file – Accessory Guide Download file – Armor Guide. For each Optional Quest you’ll find a quick list of the rewards that episode has to offer, a detailed walk-through, and complete strategies for. This Guide will cover All Boss Strategies, The Whole Story, Sidequests, Limit Breaks, Ultimate Weapons, Useful Materia Combinations.

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Final Fantasy VII – PDF Guides

Not to finish playing it lol. Kjata – Disc 1 Tetra Elemental In the endless forest continent go north, and you will find this floating on the second screen as you enter the forest.

Beat the dragon and wait for the temple to shake. Legend Jul 1 When ready, head back to Fort condor for the Second Huge Materia. You can only enter this one with a Black Chocobo or Gold Chocobo.

Roulette Magic Points Needed: Can be obtained by defeating Emerald Weapon. Go into the tower. Cloud, Sephiroth and some Shinra are traveling to Nibelheim.

Sephiroth here finds out that he is a result of an experiment by Hojo. Touch the blue Huge Materia in the galaxy holodeck and you get it. Talk to the man in the barn and choose to buy items.

Sephiroth notes how his mother, Jenova, died shortly after giving birth to him as you gjidebook. The remaining parts involve defeating Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon links to those side quest sections are included above.


Chose who you want and go to the Temple of Ancients, which is located in the middle of a jungle. Sign In Create an Account Cancel. Battle Trumpet, Scimitar, Leviathan Scales. When you enter the theater area, the announcer will say you are the th couple to enter, so you have to be in a play.

If you need to know where they are, check the limit break section. Elixir, Potion x4, Enemy Skill Materia. The turtles by the shoreline of the Westernmost continent.

The Guide Book can be traded for the Underwater Materiawhich lets the player fight Emerald Weapon without a time limit. As you catch up your party will jump onto the train.

Head to rocket Town and you will find that the Shinra intend to repair the rocket and launch it. Head down here into a library area. You have to fight him a number of times. There is an extremely difficult boss down here that you can fight, Emerald Weapon.

Bike Race and Flashback. If you win the first battle, the Ultimate Weapon will fly off. These weapons are very powerful, many times better than the second best weapons, and most of them also have special abilities or characteristics when equiped. I recomment put on the Catapults and stone Throwtowers near the top of the hill and the Defenders, Attackers and Fighters near the bottom so they can be backed up by added projectile power.

While on the bridge, it collapses and you must make your way trough the caves. Cid decides to hijack a train from here and chase after it. Hit him with Bolt spells and normal attacks. If you let enemies up the middle, youll be forced to fight with the commander.


Final Fantasy VII Side Quests: The Kalm Traveler –

I recommend you get 2 more steal materias here as you can’t buy them anywhere else and having 3 characters with steal makes getting stuff from enemies much easier. There are 24 Enemy Skills in all, and each takes up a star in the materia menu. The Chocobo will peck at the ground. When ready leave the town and head east to the Chocobo Ranch. He will then give you a riddle that reads as follows:.

Guide Book – Final Fantasy VII – Caves of Narshe

Also make sure that you have Barrett in your party. These are the three items that he is looking for: Here is a quick rundown of where all of the summon materia is.

When you start the the bike giidebook you get the option to pick your team and rearrange materia. Talk to bugengagen about what Sephiroth and Meteor. Details for obtaining the Guide Book are included below. Below the shack is an icy wasteland. Disc 1, 2, or 3. Inside is a Quadra Magic Materia.

Your instructions aren’t very clear: He will throw the keystone to Tseng and he will get away with it. You will gather in the lobby, and you decide to go to the Ruins and get the Balck Materia before Sephiroth.