Imitation of Life has ratings and 40 reviews. Graceann said: If you haven’t seen either the or versions of Imitation of Life, this review w. Brief biography of Fannie Hurst (), American novelist best known for Imitation of Life. Hugely successful in her time, yet no longer. Imitation of Life struck a chord in the s, and it continues to resonate powerfully Fannie Hurst was a major celebrity in the first half of the twentieth century.

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She hurat at Washington University in St. Now, look at the issues it addresses: This book is irksome to read because of its outdated style.

Pullman” chain to marry Flake. Covers show edge wear with rubbing and creases.

Fannie Hurst, Author of Imitation of Life | LiteraryLadiesGuide

As black women I understand the pain that Sarah-Jane went through not saying that I don’t want to be black. Her raven hair and ivory skin gave her a distinctive look. Bea Pullman is a very young widow and mother forced to make her own way imitatioon the world after her husband dies. In fact, having seen both films made me enjoy the book far less than I would have if the order had been reversed. After graduating inshe held many odd jobs including shoe factory worker, waitress, salesperson, and actress.


On the poster only the white characters appear! I have both on DVD that I ordered with the book.

Fannie Hurst

A work of fiction involves some degree of caricature which differentiates it from non-fiction or documentary. Imitation of Life has its flaws, but I finished it thinking it should be taught more regularly in college-level English classes.

Virginianumerous Southern states passed laws enforcing a ” one-drop rule “, requiring that persons of any known African ancestry had to be classified in records as black.

Her writing made her fabulously wealthy and hurstt was acknowledged as one of the highest-paid American writers, male or female. Sometimes, the changes in a screenplay improve llife story immeasurably. She takes over her dead husband’s business And then there’s Delilah who, in both films, is a strong, loving and honorable person.

Imitation of Life

A bestseller inand subsequently adapted into two beloved and controversial films, Imitation of Life has played a vital role in ongoing conversations about race, femininity, and the American Dream.

The complicated emotional centers of the story derive from separate mother-daughter plots.

Reading a novel written over 70 years ago is bound to cause some uneasiness but also causes one to ponder and reflect on how things have changed and also just how hursr thi I’ve seen both film adaptations of this novel; each have their pros and their cons. Firstly, I expected Delilah to have a more significant role; however, I feel like she is such a static character – especially compared to Bea.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It dealt with issues of race, class, and gender. She was active in a variet Fannie Hurst was born in Ohio, grew up in St.

The book is okay, but it has some problems. Read this as imitatkon prelude to the recent “Bird, Snow,” book out now. A bestseller inand subsequently adapted into two beloved and controversial films, Imitation of Life has played a vital role in ongoing conversations about race, femininity, and the American Dream.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Disappointed that Hurst did not take the racism issues very far. Becoming a writer was her ambition from childhood. Yet their public success brings them little happiness. Imitation of Life by Fannie Hurst. Preceded “Mildred Pierce” by a decade or so but the two books are rather similar, i. She takes in boarders to fwnnie expenses, as well as peddling Pullman’s maple syrup door-to-door, using his lif.