INSTRUCTION MANUAL. E X K. T A. 2. automatic exposure control with internal measurement for the. EXAKTA RTL 50c 50b outside. Operating controls. an EXAKTA RTL and we wish you every success with your new camera. We would like to advise you, however, to read. Ibis instruction manual carefully. Exakta RTL Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Exakta RTL Manual.

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This will help me to continue to host this site, buy new manuals, and pay their shipping costs. Product details Paperback Publisher: When the pivoted supplementary Focusing Magnifier 25 is also used, the camera must be held close to the eye. Write a customer review. Release the shutter by means of the right-hand release 5 or by means of the left-hand release Press the rewind declutching button 38 into the camera.

Photographers who normally wear spectacles should use their distance glasses. For fitting and removing the TTL Penta Prism as well as for exchanging its image field screens, see next page. An invaluable accessory for use with the Penta Prism is the manuwl eyepiece cup: When film is loaded, set the film-type reminder disc 8 and the film-sensitivity reminder ring 15 as reminders of the type and sensitivity of the film that is in the camera.

All parts which are easily accessible from the outside should be kept clean and dusted with a soft brush. For extreme close-ups of magnifications greater than exakra In this way you will obtain the greatest possible service from it, since you will eliminate from the outset the possibility of operating it incorrectly, and possibly damaging the mechanism. The camera should be focused with the thumb and index finger of the left hand, the rl index finger being used for releasing the shutter.

The figures from 2 to represent fractions of seconds e. In case of incorrect focusing the microprism field will show an image which in blurred to a greater degree the blurred image “flickers”.


The accessory shoe is also adapted for flashguns with central contact except that in this case the flash nipples of the camera and of the accessory shoe must be connected by means of the special cable delivered with the flashgun. Protect the camera against moisture, dust, wind-borne sand, etc. We would like to advise you, however, to read this instruction manual carefully before you start using your camera. With this focusing system, a sharp image is mainly obtained using the annular field in the ground-glass screen for moving subjects, photographs taken with a magnifier, and photomicrographs.

After focusing, the correct camera-subject distance will be in line with the orange-colored triangle. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Accordingly, the B setting will permit any exposure times you like e.

Exakta RTL 1000 Manuals

The larger aperture numbers, e. Accessories for any field of application. In case of all the longer exposure times and of exposures taken by means of the delayed-action release the lens is also fully opened only after exposure. The catch bow of the take-up spool 34 must not stand upwards! Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. This is important for the use of the TTL Penta Prism and for mabual by means of extension-increasing accessories. Split-image focusing screen with condenser. For critical focusing according to the image in the viewfinder system the lenses with internal release of the fully-automatic pressure diaphragm are fully opened.

Exakta RTL Now swing the rapid-wind lever 9 right up to its stop and let it return. Use the above address for a check, M.

Frame counter automatically returning to its initial position. These glass surfaces should be cleaned when necessary only with a soft, fluff-free linen cloth.

Focusing for infra-red photography: On replacing a viewfinder unit, it must be inserted squarely and vertically and be pressed downwards until it clicks into position. The illustrations in this manual may differ in certain details from the actual appearance of the camera and its accessories.

Repeat these operations until the figure “1” in the automatic frame counter 7 will be below the mark.


The rest of the image in exatka viewfinder Fresnel field does not serve for focusing the lens. The reflex mirror should only be dusted when absolutely necessary, using a clean soft brush without applying any pressure. Finder Hood, Penta Prism, one TTL Penta Prism for the automatic exposure timing with internal measurement, the lens being stopped down or fully opened.

Film speed reminder dial scaled: These innovations are based on the well-approved rttl of the true single-lens reflex camera with its always parallax-free correspondence of reflex image and photograph. A special setting of the frame counter is not necessary since the latter, springing automatically back as soon as the camera back is opened, will begin to operate when the camera back is closed.

With very rapidly-moving subjects manuao camera can thus be ,panned” by swinging it gently in the direction of motion of the subject, as for example, with racing cars.

Exakta RTL – – The free camera encyclopedia

This lever should always be swung right up to its stop, and will then spring back of its own accord. By doing this, the image produced by the infra-red rays will be brought into sharp focus in the film plane of the camera and consequently will appear sharp in the negative.

Its use is not intuitive. Preparations for use The Finder Mwnual 11 is opened by pressing on the knob Then the lens is stopped down manually by operating the aperture-setting ring Care of the camera and lenses Always keep the camera in its ever-ready case with the lens or lens cap and viewfinder unit in position; alternatively it may be kept wrapped in a fluff-free cloth.

Release the shutter only with the release knob of the preset timing mechanism 3. Operating the lens 1.