We designed the EURAMOS-1 trial to investigate whether intensified .. and a normal creatinine concentration for their age as per protocol. EURAMOS-1, an international randomised study for osteosarcoma: Results from Pre-operative chemotherapy was completed according to protocol in 94%. The EURAMOS 1 trial is a multimodal therapy of osteosacoma with precluding treatment with protocol chemotherapy (for example HIV.

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Diagnostic biopsies were to be examined by local institutional pathologists and reviewed by each study group’s reference pathologists. Unresectable disease, primary or metastatic or both Low grade osteosarcoma Juxtacortical periosteal, parosteal osteosarcoma Craniofacial osteosarcoma Any previous treatment for osteosarcoma Any previous chemotherapy for any disease Ekramos other medical condition precluding treatment with protocol chemotherapy for example HIV, psychiatric disorder etc Pregnant or lactating women.

Main objectives To examine in a randomized trial, whether the addition of protodol and etoposide IE to post-operative chemotherapy with cisplatin, doxorubicin and methotrexate improves event-free survival for patients with resectable osteosarcoma and a poor histological response to 10 weeks of pre-operative chemotherapy. Thirty-one patients were deemed ineligible post-registration based on reference histological review of the biopsy. Results Recruitment was completed to the largest osteosarcoma study to date in 75 months.



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Osteosarcoma therapy was revolutionised by the introduction of adjuvant combination chemotherapy, in the s, but has improved little since.

Supplementary Material Supplementary Data: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston. New models of collaboration are required to successfully conduct trials to improve outcomes of patients with rare cancers; EURAMOS-1 demonstrates achievability.

Gorlick19 G. However, the agents chosen highlight the paucity of new or investigational products appropriate to include in phase III trials.

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Support Center Support Center. Planning the size and duration of a clinical trial studying the time to some critical event.

The feasibility of delivering intensive chemotherapy for a rare cancer in multiple centres within a Good Clinical Practice framework is amply demonstrated here.

It is permissible to administer up to two additional MTX courses and have the patient remain eligible for randomization. Primary chemotherapy and delayed surgery neoadjuvant chemotherapy for euramps of the extremities. There were limits to the accessibility of the trial for osteosarcoma patients. Cancer Treatment and Research. Incidence and survival of malignant bone sarcomas in England — Uniform response of metastases to high dose ifosfamide.

Gene Ontology GO Terms.

There were three 0. J Natl Cancer Inst.

The cost of seeking cure is exceptionally high as patients receive particularly complex and toxic chemotherapy regimens, plus disabling surgery. Recruitment was completed to the largest osteosarcoma study to date in 75 months. Improvement in histologic response but pgotocol survival in osteosarcoma patients protocool with intensified chemotherapy: Standard staging and organ function investigations were undertaken.


Lau27 G. While many studies have been undertaken for osteosarcoma, they are often characterised by being non-randomised or, if randomised, by their long accrual periods [ 15 — 18 ].

Longitudinal evaluation of quality of life was undertaken. Recruitment was completed to the largest osteosarcoma study to date in 75 months. Meyer29 P. EFS was chosen because prevention of first recurrence is the principal goal of adjuvant treatment of osteosarcoma, given the low rate of survival after first recurrence.

There were three 0. The pre-operative toxicities reported were as expected. Treatment will be allocated using permuted blocks, stratified by group, site of primary tumor and presence of metastases. For commercial re-use, please contact journals.

Quality of life in children and adolescents with cancer. Baseline characteristics at registration.