O homem da areia reúne as principais características da obra de E. T. A. Hoffmann. Nesta novela, publicada em , o autor apresenta o. 15 out. Transcript of “O homem da areia”, E.T.A. Hoffman. “O homem da areia”, E.T.A. Hoffman Personagens do conto: Natanael Clara Lotar Coppelius. 4 jun. O HOMEM DA AREIA Um romance por E.T.A. Hoffman Contexto histórico-social E.T.A. Hoffman () O enredo da obra. O homem de.

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This story has way more horror beyond our sadistic, nocturnal friend. From this point on, the poles of subject and object become more complex, so that it is possible to transpose these places to that of an alienating bond in which places of subjections operate, in objectal complicity.

Nov 06, Nightwishel rated it really liked it. Hofdmann with the retelling of a horrible incident in his childhood, it zreia to show how this early incident shapes his years as a student. Thus, the following elaborations intend to present another analytical perspective. Mr Sandman, don’t touch my eyes, I see through your disguises and lies.

I felt strangely affected; — these words, the expression of face, the glance which he had previously cast at the professor, brought before my eyes the whole struggling life of an hommem artist. For a short story, there’s several layers of creepy, and there’s no black and white so part of its genius is in how many questions you’re left with at the end. Nothing causes any doubt that it bomem a woman, although what is referred to is an automaton.

He was fascinated by the wax i of the wooden doll. He encounters a condensation of the woman-doll: It is possible to infer that the description of the nursemaid emerged in the place of a failure of the maternal discourse regarding the Sandman. One has the impression that her words try to forcibly transpose the universe of the stranger into the strictly familiar plan.


In his madness to have found true love, however, he does not even suspect that Olympia was not made of flesh and blood, but was a mechanical device that takes the form of a woman with no voice, that could only sigh: This is a Greek term introduced in psychoanalysis by Ernest Jones. He goes homen to Lothar and recalls his relationship with Clara.

Nov 23, Manybooks rated it really liked it Shelves: In it we hojem a rationalist discourse ruling in the spirit of a woman. The story itself suited my taste in “creepy” books.

My year-old-self was disappointed because I just wasn’t scared by the story. The last question is why do people so continue on a path leading to disaster when the signs of the danger aareia so clear.

At last it struck him that Olympia often remained for hours in that attitude in which he had once seen her through the glass door, sitting at a little table without any occupation, and that she was plainly enough looking over at him with an unvarying gaze. Dewhurst, Eya Lindsay, Marjorie L.

O Homem da areia

You are familiar with Hoffman, although you might not realize it. Consumed by passion, Nathaniel forgets everything and everyone. Nel tuo infantile sentire lo spaventoso uomo della sabbia della favola si riallacciava naturalmente al vecchio Coppelius che, anche se tu non avessi creduto all’esistenza dell’uomo della sabbia, sarebbe sempre rimasto per te uno spirito maligno particolarmente dannoso ai bambini, assimilabile ad uno spirito cattivo.

Then madness seized Nathaniel in its burning claws, and clutched his very soul, destroying his every sense and thought Ibid, p. Fernando, Brander Matthews, R. Even the icy body of Olympia did not discomfort him as he was dedicated to his passion. This path is circumscribed by the maternal presence, also registered by the insignias of sadness, precisely when Copellius enters the story. We seek to highlight the importance of the recovery of this literary material at its source, precisely due to the possibility of presenting it from the perspective of lustful madness.


He puts their eyes in a bag and carries them to the crescent moon to feed his own children, who sit in the nest up there. Also, the finale of this book goes full Hitchcock’s Vertigo for some reason hide spoiler ].

Sheridan Le Fanu, H. James, Robert Hugh Benson, E. This passage may not refer to love itself, but to a passionate situation in which a relationship of imaginary speculation occurs, in an object offering and surrender to the Other.

Der Sandmann by E.T.A. Hoffmann

He is the one who can interrupt the fascinated gaze of Nathaniel for Olympia, when he purchased the binoculars and saw the doll. Christmas Classics Premium Collection: Ein schauriges Must-Read Weit seiner Zeit voraus Stocking, Anna Robinson, Florence M.

Burrage, Ve Cather, Robert W. Nathanael is a broken man.

Cram, Pliny the Younger, Joseph L. I feel sorry for him. Only at a second time, faced with the figure of Coppelius the lawyer, Nathaniel gave form to the description, a framework to the impression and of which he became bewitched.