Buy Espedair Street by Iain Banks from Amazon’s Fiction Books Store. Everyday low prices on a huge range of new releases and classic fiction. Paperback reissue of Iain Banks’ ESPEDAIR STREET, ‘the funniest, truest rock biopic yet’ – OBSERVER. Daniel Weir used to be a famous – not. Espedair Street [Iain M. Banks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Daniel Weir used to be a famous – not to say infamous – rock star. Maybe.

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Pachnos and Hale called Banks on the Monday morning, met him for lunch at a local pub, offered world rights and signed the contract a day later. So those are two heavily taxed and completely legal drugs. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Brad Simkuletā€™s review of Espedair Street

At thirty-one espeadir has been both a brilliant failure and a dull success. Typically, he emerged from the wreckage beaming, with cuts and bruises, dtreet tell a horrified Italian couple who had stopped to help: Apr 06, Andy Cunningham rated it really liked it. It is his first more or less mainstream novel, neither experimental nor genre fiction, and every time I read it it still manages to amuse and move me.

Sep 23, Martin rated it really liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The source is pretty thin, but Cameron senses a scoop and checks out a series of bizarre deaths from a few years ago – only to find that the police are checking out a series of bizarre deaths that are happening right now.


It was an enjoyable book, took me a while to get through as I kept putting it down and picking it up again but this was more my state of mind than the writing. You don’t want to insult your old friends by going, ‘I’m rich, I’m going to buy all the drinks’. We meet him contemplating suicide, and come to understand why he wanted to, and why he decides to live. Mostly he and his pals detonated them in the hills above Greenock, but Les Macfarlane, a childhood friend, tells how they gathered a gang of kids for a demonstration on a local reservoir, where they’d rigged up a six-foot model boat packed with explosives.

Espedair Street by Iain Banks

They’re supposedly just friends. But now they’re lying naked on the beach together, looking up at the stars with no one else in sight, and he’s trying to find a tactful way to explain how he feels about her. Iain Banks is simply my favourite Scottish author.

Eventually maybe, yes, when I’ve got mum and dad’s house out of the way. I got back to where I was staying and said to my pals, ‘I’ve met this really great woman, she’s a really great drinker’. es;edair

But the future – well, the future is something else. She drank me under the table, and I had to borrow a fiver from her to get home. This Beats Perfect by Rebecca Denton. Eve a nervous young actress from a powerful theatrical dynasty has found herself married to an international expert on anxiety called Jim. Involvement; connection; liability – Complicity is a stunting exploration of the morality of greed, corruption and violence, venturing fearlessly into the darker recesses of human purpose.


I thought he was walking beside me, but when I turned round he wasn’t there. However, he announced in early that, after 25 years together, they had separated. espedaie

Espedair Street

But anything can happen after the end. Whether this is in character with Daniel Weir or Stdeet own longing? The only other Iain Banks book I’d read was ‘A Song of Stone’ hardback many years ago, too many years ago, meaning too few years of me, to really understand the nuances.

espedairr They’d been discussing it for a while, but couldn’t agree on how big the wedding should be, who should be invited, where it should be held. There is the Iain Banks who drives his car so precariously that he rolled it off the road to Glenfinnan last year and damn near killed himself.

Meanwhile Sam Wareham, a first secretary at espevair British embassy in Prague, is observing developments in the country with a mixture of diplomatic cynicism and a young man’s passion.

And one day I said ‘will you come out for a drink tonight? On his Strete form there was just one interest listed: This is about an old rockstar who’s going through a midlife crisis, and we follow him as he reminisces on his life in the band and on tour.