at La Consolacion College – 10th Avenue, Caloocan. ENSAYO DE COMPRESION TRIAXIAL No Consolidado – No Drenado (UU) / ASTM – D Informe. ENSAYO TRIAXIAL UU. DATOS DE LA MUESTRA diametro de la muestra cm altura de la muestra cm peso de la muestra gr. DATOS DEL. Ensayo Triaxial para Mecánica de Suelos 2. (C U), n o c o n s o l i d a d o n o d r e n a d o (U U) o c o n s o l i d a d o d r e n a d o ( C D). 3.

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A macro geomechanical approach to rank non-standard unbound granular materials for pavements. Namun seharusnya sample A lah yang harus lebih dulu runtuh dari pada sampel B dengan alas an yang telah dijelaskan di atas.

After unloading, the irrecoverable or permanent deformation is the plastic strain and it could be considered as a new reference state, where the elastic response can be measured since the failure is not achieved Wood, Figure 7 a Material response during load and unload stages for a confining pressure of kPa. Theory of Elasticity 3rd ed. The stiffness measured during loading, unloading and reloading stages and the elastic moduli were computed through the hyperbolic model.

Septiyan Paraf dan Nilai: Kemudian menimbang massa sampel yang telah dioven untuk mencari kadar air sampel tanah tersebut.

Ensayo de corte triaxial

Tegangan normal masih tetap bbekerja, biasanya tegangan air pori diukur selama tegangan geser diberikan.

Therefore, it is possible to affirm based on results, the material presents lowest modulus values at saturation total state. Stiffness of a granular base under optimum and saturated water contents. Beyond this range, the material experiments energy dissipation by plasticity with permanent deformations.


Granular bases are compacted under optimal water content to achieve a maximum dry unit weight.

Triaxial UU-Alfaizs Vi Afkara-1306369371

The shear strength parameters show that the values of friction and cohesion are lower for the total saturation condition compared to the optimal water content.

Meletakkan sampel tanah di dudukan sampel yang berada di dalam sel Triaxial. Resilient modulus modelling of unsaturated subgrade soils: Pengukuran yang dilakukan setiap 3 kali bertujuan untuk memperoleh besar dimensi yang lebih akurat, karena ditakutkan ukuran dari silinder tersebut tidak sama meskipun yang beberapa millimeter dan ini akan berdampak pada perhitungan volume isi silinder dan tinggi mula-mula sampel tanah cetakkan yang berguna untuk perhitungan selanjutnya.

The hyperbolic model represents the non-linearity and the dependency of the stress level in the stress-strain behaviour of granular soils, where each increment consider the soil as elastic linear material Boscardin et al.

Menurunkan dial gauge sampai menyentuh permukaan atas tabung triaxial yang telah terhubung dengan sample.

Finally, the remaining triaxxial specimens were subjected to load and unload stages, in two groups of three, with the aim of to assess and compare the elastic moduli in conditions of optimum water content and total saturation. It is necessary to note that the s3 is the confining pressure corresponding a compression stress thus, insert as negative value.

Pasir merupakan jenis tanah non kohesif. Soils and Foundations, 52 3— Resilient modulus modelling of unsaturated subgrade soils: The parameters of optimum water content and maximum dry ensayl weight are 9. Vibration Modulus of Normally Consolidated Clay.

Where s1-s3 is the deviatoric stress; s1-s3 ult is the deviatoric stress at failure and the asymptotic value of the model; e is the axial deformation; and Ei is the initial tangent modulus. Kemudian keluarkan sampel tanah tersebut dari dalam tfiaxial triaxial dan membran karet.


Figure 1 shows the deformation process during loading and unloading stages without reach the failure.

ENSAYO TRIAXIAL UU by Santiago Burgos Camacho on Prezi

Morla Gabriella Agnes 2. The small triaxiak between the experimental and numerical results validate the unload-reload moduli stress-stiffness dependency model is a good approximation to describe the stress-strain behaviour of this material.

However, during construction the water content is not a fully controlled variable.

Engineering Geology, A GDS triaxial equipment, able to generate stress path automatically, was used to estimate the stress-strain behaviour of the granular base during load-unload-reload stages.

The model calculation presents a parallel trend between the two moistures. Dimensi Cetakan Silinder UjiTabel 1.

Local transducers and specimen of granular base own work. For this reason, is valid to estimate the initial tangent modulus of the material studied through this model.

According to the friaxial results, of both moisture conditions, it was found that the stiffness of this granular base depends on the water content. Importance level Factor Strain amplitude Load applied Primary factor Effective mean principal stress Void ratio Number of cycles of loading Saturation degree Octahedral shear stress Secondary factor Over consolidation ratio Effective strength parameters.