Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Public domain books belong to the public and we . Lorenzo Valla’s (–) Elegantiae linguae Latinae (–), which may be described as a manual on ‘Advanced Idiomatic Latin’, is one of the most. Lorenzo Valla (c. –) was one of the most important humanists of his time. In his Elegantiae linguae Latinae, an advanced handbook.

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Valla’s Elegantiae linguae latinae subjected Latin to a critical analysis, which became a model for linguistic studies of the Renaissance.

In he made peace with the pope and became an apostolic scriptor scribeand later, ina papal secretary. Academic Tools How to cite this entry. Traditionally, God was said to be loved for his own sake, not for his usefulness in gaining something else. Lorenzo VallaMunich: Valla discusses a number of latunae cases, and comments on their fallacious nature.

Valla’s Elegantiae linguae Latinae – Brill Reference

Valla, linguaf the other hand, sees latina categories as summing up the real aspects of things: Zeichen — Rituale — Werte: Valla wants to reinstate God as the sole creator of heaven and earth. De vero falsoque bonoM. Storia di una questione umanisticaPadua: The work of art itself is in the public domain for the following reason: For Valla, however, pure substance does not exist, since a thing is always already a qualified substance.

But the rich array of Latin terms signify, in the final analysis, the qualities or actions of things, and nothing exists apart from concrete things.

Elegantiae linguae latinae

On the other hand, Valla states apodictically that there are two pleasures: He loathed the philosophical establishment at the universities, their methods, genres, and, above all, their style and terminology.


But with hindsight we can say that any undermining of the faith in the exclusiveness of the scholastic-Aristotelian worldview contributed to its demise and, ultimately, to its replacement by a different, mechanistic one.

Whether scholasticism had, indeed, ossified by the time Valla came on the scene is a matter of debate; but there is no question that this is how he and the other humanists saw it. It is therefore a moot point whether Valla successfully integrated Epicurean hedonism with Christian morality. Universidad de Extremadura, This is underlined by his remark that virtue resides in the will rather than in an action Repastinatio The heap argument is supposed to induce doubts about the possibility of determining precise limits, especially to quantities.

The following page uses this file: Cambridge University Press, — Clarke, signed on front flyleaf spine faded. Two pinholes per leaf, occasional contemporary quiring visible. He rejects or qualifies a number of fundamental tenets of Aristotelian physics, for instance that movement is the cause of heat, that a movement is always caused by another movement, that elements can be transformed into one another, that each has its own proper qualities heat and dryness for fire, heat and humidity for air, etc.

Yet, the two views of man are not so readily combined. Cesarini Martinelli and A. The substance of the dialogue is repeated in a long chapter in his Repastinatio Repastinatio73—98; — In his view, the soul is far more noble than the hylomorphic account of Aristotle implies, at least as Valla understands that account.

Atti di un seminario di filologia umanisticaRome: Enhanced bibliography for this entry at PhilPaperswith links to its database. The timestamp is only as elegantaie as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

Elegantiae linguae latinae – Lorenzo Valla – Google Books

A good thing, for example, is a thing, and so, too, is a true thing. His use of repastinatio indicates that he is setting out a program of reform rather than of destruction, in spite of his often aggressive and polemical tone.


It may be answered: At any rate, there is no reason to despair; Aulus Gellius is, therefore, wrong in thinking that the judges should have refrained from passing a judgment. While he is not against the introduction of new words for things unknown in antiquity e. The affects need reason as their guide, and the lack of such guidance can result in vice.

For Valla, the world consists of things, simply called res. Valla regards the Aristotelian notion of virtue as too static and inflexible, so that it does not do justice to the impulsive nature of our moral behavior. In medieval times, dilemma does not seem to have attracted much theoretical reflection, though there was an extensive literature on related genres such as insolubilia and paradoxes, which were generally treated in a logical manner.

Valla did not have an easy life. Humanity and Divinity in Italian Humanist Thought2 vols.

He briefly treats the five exterior senses but is not inclined to deal with the physiological aspects of sensation. Public domain Public domain false false. In Defense of Common Elegantize. In these years he revised some of elegntiae earlier works such as the Repastinatio and his notes on the New Testament, and translated Thucydides and Herodotus into Latin; his work on Thucydides, in particular, was to have an important impact on the study of this difficult Greek author.