: El Fantasista () by HERNAN RIVERA LETELIER and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. Hernán Rivera Letelier is a Chilean novelist. Until the age of 11 he lived in the Algorta (Chile) ; El Fantasista (The Fantasista). ; Mi Nombre es. In this new novel, Rivera Letelier returns to his imaginary Pampa to bring us a moving win this momentous encounter –could this be the mysterious ” Fantasista”?.

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The strike becomes the central axis around which the plot evolves, as El Cristo is increasingly viewed with suspicion as a leftist sympathizer who works against the interests of the multinationals.

Claudio Saavedra’s review of El Fantasista

On his rides he sells small packets of naturopathic medicine that he champions over western pharmacy, telling his patrons that the mixture of herbs along with a small blessing are more powerful than any pharmaceutical. The break from a theological eth- ics in the characterization of the figure hints at the novels broader project of going beyond its spatial and tropic geographies, as El Cristo surmounts the mapped practices of the messiah. The internal architecture of the town is pertinent as the company establishes separate zones of commerce, administration, and recreation, akin to urban centers.

With the invention of synthetic fertilizers, foreign demand for nitrates took a mortal hit and many of the min- ing communities became ghost towns. She entrusts vantasista preacher to hrrnan the chicken and to perform the appropriate rites as she is carted away in jubilant celebration to her previous abode. We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book.

Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. This page was last edited on 5 Julyat When it was closed down, he and his family moved to Antofagastawhere his mother died. The backdrop of this infernal space is put to use as the reader is invited into the world of football rivalries between mining towns, as if their own identity depended on winning leyelier match with twenty-two men and a beaten leather ball.


Contents Going Beyond the Salitrera: The brothel, more importantly, provides the only real physical structure that harkens to what Soja theorizes as thirdspace.

Books by Hernán Rivera Letelier

Hernaj protagonist of El Fantasista, for example, bears no physical resemblance to the aesthetic trope of the messiah. Her independent venture at the fringes of civilization, yet con- nected to the urban by the railroad, fall to the wayside at the opportunity of coexisting with the multinational, as the force of globalization dethrones any project of economic and spatial sovereignty.

By returning to La Piojo and reaffirming her role as the village harlot, Magalena Mercado transgresses the biblical binary that is salient in Rivera Letelier, furthermore negating the ideological possibility of challenging neoliberalism and the forces of globalization. The Road to Neoliberalism. This turn crafts the secondspace of the brothel as an economic outpost of the multinational yoke, thereby infusing its structure with a decidedly non-rural characterization of space.

Flores, as he argues that the recent novelistic production in Chile can be divided into two categories. Although his early works consisted of poetry and stories Poemas y Pomadas Cuentos breves y Cuescos de brevasit is as herjan novelist that he has had the greatest success, both critical and popular. The new structure, furthermore, underlines the importance of the brothel as a thirdspace, as it is not inherently identified by the company quarters that previously characterized it within the borders of La Piojo, but is instead herna combination of the firstspace composed of the bed and Virgin statue, and the secondspace of the capitalist economy that it metonymizes.

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This latter practice, however, locates Magalena outside the traditional boundary of the mapped trope, akin to the figure of El Cristo. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


From this we can conjecture that the Gringo and the Peruvian as foreigners sucking dry the national resources of the country represent the contemporary preoccupation with allowing foreign multinationals free-reign under the auspices of neoliberalism.

The diegetic process by which the latter is brought to fruition is based on the dyad established between the trope of the prostitute and the messiah. Discover new books on Goodreads. Upon arresting and brutally beating him, the police chief exclaims: Edited by Jacqueline Bixler and Laurietz Seda.

Hernán Rivera Letelier

The new space centered around the independent brothel rlvera outside the topographic delineations of the mining town fulfills two functions. The prostitute, we must remember, represents the entrepreneur that both sustains the local community and is in cahoots with the bigger foreign companies, whereas the messiah epitomizes the wandering politician who preaches hope and common sense to a eel that is reeling from the transnational economic se of globalized trade.

Like the Christ figure of El Fantasista, however, El Cristo de Elqui plays a political role in the diegesis as during a train ride faantasista warns of impending change and the takeover of the community by foreign forces. A sport that causes religious admiration among chileans and that, in the loneliness of the salitreras, becomes one of the few things that can keep the nortinos away from insanity.

Her ideological positions in favor of the workers, and against the multinational company, are exemplified in her explanation of the working conditions in La Piojo to El Cristo. Bucknell University Press, Want to Read saving….

Their inhabitants, including the contadora, model their behavior, speech, and thought around the imported, larger-than-life cowboys, vedettes, and swash-bucklers that infiltrate the desert-space.