El diablo en el cuerpo [Raymond Radiguet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. El diablo en el cuerpo has ratings and reviews. Luís said: Is there a Radiguet myth as there is a Rimbaud myth?Raymond Radiguet, born in : El Diablo En El Cuerpo () by RAYMOND RADIGUET and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books.

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The foreward helpfully informs that there are spoilers in this section, which is refreshing as I often have parts of the story spoiled through ‘introductions’ and ‘forewards’!

El diablo en el cuerpo / The body devil

To save the respectability of the family, it is allowed to believe the husband who is the father of the child to be born. The general impression is that the child is fathered by the husband. His prose and observati Every great author I read, seems to me like my former self of another generation.

View all 6 comments. All love has a youth, a maturity and an old age. Il aime les femmes. But nothing is less like a thing that that which is closest to it. For I had often kissed girls on the lips and had not found it particularly pleasurable. Few of the scenes are drawn clearly, but the ones that are are memorable, with gorgeous imagery the fire made of olive wood.

The ability of someone that age to describe the emotions involved so accurately, with such worldly cynicism in such detail is quite astounding. Difficile staccare gli occhi dalle pagine.

The Frenchman demands respect from his reader, assuming from her or him a certain knowledge of the First World War.


Sn is eighteen-years-old and she is good-looking, compared to her badly aged mother. Le diable au corps. A 18 ans Radiguet rhabille Platon, Rousseau et Spinoza.

El diablo en el cuerpo / The body devil : Raymond Radiguet :

However, after reading the first page, I could tell it was going to be a very different novel to any novel I have read before. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. But Radiguet consistently sidesteps potential melodramatic pitfalls, and his ruthlessly spare prose gives the narrative a slow-burning quality that unleashes its devastating emotional gravity only with its closing words.

Conformity, the social base of the inhabitants of the small commune of the Marne bordering much of a small provincial town, are brushed with the cruelty of a seventeen-year-old adolescent. It is based on his own affair that he had with an older woman. I was already rearranging my views of the situation… in the end, order reasserts itself over everything. I loved this child already and it was because I loved it that I rejected it.

There is also an ‘afterword’ at the back of this addition which explores Radigeut and his writing, as well as confronting the fact that this novel was based on Radigeut’s personal experiences, and how it affected those involved. I imagined that the code of love made certain lies obligatory. Expect timeskips, relationship angst, and a lot of waiting.

And if, in our experience, certain complicated things seemed very simple, other very simple things became serious obstacles. Degno di un genio precoce. Joinville, MarneFrance. His controversial story is accompanied by broad glimpses of existentialism and other philosophical explorations which can only be intentional, for such an articulate individual must have understood that people read the works of others largely to understand a little of themselves: I hoped I would be able to cure myself of my love for her.


OK, so a quarter of the way into this and enjoying it.

The ole adolescent poetic dreamy boy’s crush on the older woman thingy So that hooked me. The attentive and deceived husband will remain to the end and persuaded that it is his wife that he liked. Written in first person, the prose is beautifully chosen, and the thoughts of the protagonist are poetic and insightful, making this story even more memorable.

Review by Arab Millennial via https: Are these ell emotions that most teenagers play with during their youth? For if I thought that I no longer loved Marthe, I at least regarded her as the taymond person who would have been worthy of my love.

El diablo en el cuerpo

Thank god I’ve read this as a twenty-five year old and not as a teenager–I have a feeling I would have been so distracted with a burning envy of Radiguet’s precocious prose that my younger self would have missed how deeply felt this novel is in its elegant austerity. Is there a Radiguet myth as there is a Rimbaud myth? The protagonist discovers that Marthe had given herself to her husband too when he was home on furlough and had hidden this truth from him.