Read a free sample or buy Her Ladyship’s Companion by Evangeline Collins. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad. 9 results for Books: “Evangeline Collins” By Evangeline Collins Seven Nights to Forever (Original). 16 Dec El acompañante. 1 Jul Catherine Spencer – Pasión En El Caribe · Karen Van Der Zee – Un Tornado En Su Corazón · Kate Hewitt – Secuestrada Por El Jeque · Maureen Child – Padre A .

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I feel she was a bit of a weak character, pretty passive with things that had nothing to do with Gideon. Esme comes back to help Bella out and I admired the woman all the more for it. I believed the characters: Her Ladyship’s Companion suffered in comparison to Seven Nights to Foreverwhich I read first a year ago and thought was fantabulous. I loved her characterizations: Soon it begins to bug Bella more and more.

Well, not exactly liked, but enjoyed them.

DeseoHeidi Rice. The initial character sketch of him was very good, but ultimately, it goes nowhere. View all 14 comments.

To be fair, Evangeline Collins tried to give her a deeper backstory, but it really didn’t work for me. Gideon was a male prostitute and not looking to settle down and find a wife just yet.

But what he found was a treasure, at least with her beauty and quiet grace. So you would expect a good review from me. View all 4 comments. To view it, click here. Will read more from this author. She’s also naive and not too bright. She did get This book reminded me of Pretty Woman just the man is the prostitute not the woman.


Perhaps I could forgive all of this if the romance was good and well-developed. Way to go big brother! This is one of the best historical romances I have read. BUT the structure and pacing of this book confounded me–we got her brother’s POV for long stretches suddenly near the end of the book and Coollins have rather just focused on the meat collijs the romance–and the character of Bella was slim to start with and kind of fell apart for me by the end.

Rosedale, the delightful beta hero, who’s a prostitute. How do you live when you think you will never see him again? But he was also very gentleman-like and honorable and I just loved him with Isabella. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Can’t figure it out.

Los placeres del pecado. El acompañante by Evangeline Collins on Apple Books

Her Ladyship’s Companion suffered in comparison to Seven Nights to Foreverwhich I read first a year ago and thought w After an interrupted dalliance with a stableboy, Bella is shoved into a lonely, loveless, abusive marriage and lives an isolated life in Scotland away from her family.

What marred my fun was- though I knew that Bella was already weak both physically and emotionally towards Gideon, not knowing much about him at that point I thought he was kinda distant, his every move calculated. Evangeliine, one day, he finds out about the money and in a fit of rebellion, Bella tells him the truth. While the premise of the story really appealed to me, unfortunately this just didn’t fulfill my expectations.


I don’t think Evangleine ever read a book scompaante that point of view before. Then when it comes to them getting into bed, it was H.

Mi lista de blogs. But, Bella took his breath away.

The heroine isn’t spoilt, coollins has made a life for herself, as much as she can, but there is no escape from her life, and she doesn’t have the strength to try, nor the strength to confront her horrible husband. And she has been hard at work crafting her romances ever since.


JuliaRachel Lee. An avid reader, it wasn’t until she exhausted her local library’s supply of historical romance novels that she decided to try her hand at writing aacompaante own. Bella got on my nerves. He dresses quite well and is seductive and quite imaginative in other regards as well. Likewise, the hero shows occasional pettiness and, at least to start with, doesn’t have the ability to be able to respond sensitively to e heroine, beyond the tricks he’s learned over the years whilst servicing the legends of paying customers.