Epson EH-TW review. As an entry level projector, we can’t recommend Epson’s extremely capable ‘ enough. You’d need to spend a. Epson EH-TW It produces a high-quality picture, but you can get similar results for less. Epson is one of the leading projector manufacturers in the world today and offers a five-strong home cinema lineup. The EH-TW is its.

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It will be difficult for viewers to hear the Home Cinema EH-TW during operation unless they are sitting with their ears up to the exhaust vent. Unfortunately the video processing is not as good as the HQV processing included on the TW and as a result standard definition material didn’t look as good on the TW The Home Cinema EH-TW has extensive sharpness controls, but the default setting does not introduce any ringing artifacts or other markers of artificial edge enhancement.

Trying to improve this by taming the brightness resulted in a less punchy image. Energy consumption was fixed no matter what footage we tested the Epson with.

Epson EH-TW3600

This paragraph may be titled “audible noise,” but in truth there isn’t any. Against Average black level response Rival models are more affordable.

Welcome to Epson and keep an eye out for our latest updates and exclusive offers. Screens – Which Screen?


Unlike the surprisingly deep blacks on the TW, the blacks on the TW had that dark grey look that we have come to expect from an LCD projector. Dynamic contrast was better at 16, High Performance Cinema Filter A beautiful image requires the best treatment to ensure accurate colour reproduction.

High Performance Cinema Filter — Improved design delivers a wider colour space and superior colour purity 3LCD Technology — 3LCD technology achieves brighter, more natural images and smoother, sharper video playback. High quality interconnect cable with 3 RCA colour coded tw600 each end. In fact the biggest problem with the amount of heat the bulb generates isn’t the need for cooling but the fact that the light path cannot be sealed. Designed to connect any source with component level RGB outputs to projectors, TVs or other display devices.

This amazing projector delivers superb p High Definition Home Theatre for a viewing experience that is truly larger than life! Otherwise it has the same reasonable build quality and weight of the TW whilst still retaining a slightly plastic feel. Projection Lens Optical Zoom 2. The gradations in colour, which are always a strength of LCD projectors, were equally as impressive and the shadow detail was also good. The setup of tw360 TW was very straight forward and thanks to the three feet it was easy to level the image with the projector screen.

Fine detail from p Blu-ray movies was rendered accurately and crisply.

Blue – 25 year warranty. It’s decently connected, too: On of the reasons that the blacks on the TW are not as impressive as on the TW is that the light output if the bulb is much higher.


Skin tones are natural but with enough colour and life, while the td3600 level of insight and subtlety is commendable for a projector at this sort of money.

Black levels are impressive, too, the digging out detail from darker scenes in which is renders deep, solid black levels faithfully.

EH-TW – Epson Australia

Finally there is a sub-menu for all the Advanced calibration controls which we will come back to later. Our Vendors Reviews Contact Us. Product images used on website are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the product description. All product information can be accessed ehh contacting our sales department. Changing genre, I switched to the opening scene of Buried. All brands and names are trademarks of their respective companies.

The colours appeared natural and the transitions from black to white were smooth and free of discolouration. Of course the brighter the bulb, the ej the heat that is generated and the more cooling that is required.

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