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D177 are the high and low output voltages? The ECU has its senses as well: Hi just a quick update!! They work similarly to the traditional O2 sensors, but backwards. Many people like to install upgrades one at a time to determine the overall effect each addition yields.

If the computer never sees a voltage below.

Therefore the function has been discontinued. Install the modified anti-fouler into the exhaust where the O2 sensor normally goes, then screw the O2 sensor into the anti-fouler. If you have 2 or 3 wires, then you can eie a common ground, or no heater wires etc. Use both jumpers in New England for instance where it is too cold for human habitation from November to March each year.

HHO Generator Plans & Schematics

Make sure the basics are in order. If you don’t have heat shrink, you can use electrical tape. But your D17 EFIE problems are probably due to the fact that the original design has only a few discreet values that you can use for your comparative voltage.


Note, that if the EFIE is turned off, then this reading will be 0 volts, as eefie sensor will be connected directly to the computer, and the EFIE will have no affect whatsoever.

The EFIE is un-fooling the computer. Prior to the sensor becoming warm, it puts out an illegal voltage.

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Both leads are to be plugged into the 2 EFIE test ports. Many people think we’re trying to fool the computer with an EFIE.

The higher the voltage, the richer the detected AFR. If you increased the power 1d7 vacuum, adjust again by about 2 degrees. Likewise, if less oxygen is sensed, the computer thinks the mixture is too rich too much fuel and cuts back on the fuel fed to the engine.

Sometimes it’s hard to find what type and number of sensors your vehicle has. While tuning you should just read the ScanGauge to help you with your Efir sensor tuning, and also for your temp sensors if you tune them. If connecting to your fuel saver’s power is inconvenient or inappropriate, just use any circuit that is accessory key switched.

I am sure the auto designers, as well as many of their engineers, d7 aware of their design error, but their hands are currently tied. To meet this demand, 2 new EFIE lines have been created. If you have two or more efficiency devices installed, even more oxygen will be present in the exhaust. Some devices require other changes in order to be effective.



What is different in safety to the engine than what we are doing with O2 extenders or other EFIE designs. On some efid model vehicles, disconnecting the battery may result in driveability or other problems.

Another method is to apply a fixed voltage and current to the reference wire, and monitor the voltage coming out. Drive the vehicle down a relatively flat section of road at cruise speed. This is where the user adjusts the EFIE for his particular vehicle and fuel saving device s.

For a low monthly subscription, these guys give you everything you need: However, I’ve turned them at least 10 full revolutions past the end with no ill effects. In actual fact, the voltage is changing back and forth from about.

I guess with some careful positioning of the tape this may be improved?? I went back to my original simple effie that uses a 1. It has proven to cause more confusion in users, than it has been of use, and it’s just not needed in a modern EFIE.

However, when you’re evie this voltage with a multimeter, it will show you a range of voltages of approximately.