These SDH units connect end user equipment to the i Competitive Intelligence Marconi Partner Confidential – Not for external disclosure ECI. ECI Telecom receives $3 Million Optical Equipment Order from the Finnish Defense Forces; ECI supplies SDH and optical solutions to the FDF. This is a legal agreement between you, the end user, and ECI Telecom Ltd. (“ECI information in an environment with SDH equipment from different.

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When combined with high bit rate digital subscriber line HDSL technology also developed and sold by ECI, access multiplexing held out the possibility of allowing phone companies to offer cable television service as well.

IP/Ethernet and SDH solutions – Digital Grid – Siemens

So while DCME’s contribution to ECI’s overall sales had shrunk to about one-third by the mids, it remained the company’s most profitable and largest revenue generator. In an ongoing effort to diversify its product offerings and geographic reach, ECI acquired Telematics International Inc.

Control Center Solutions go. This ensures consistent coordination of all planning, implementation and technical issues. Search Search term s Search. Throughout the years we have been the first to deploy commercially powerful new technologies, giving our customers a competitive edge. And while they were strictly a niche product in the context of the overall telephone equipment industry, DCME devices commanded an impressive 60 percent gross margin.

Digital telephone switches convert sounds into binary code for more efficient, computer-managed transmission and then translate them back into sounds at the receiving end. The main goal for ECI Telecom is promotion of the telecommunication equipment with “ECI” trademark on the Russian market and improvement of the customers’ technical support.

Type the code shown: ECI has over 3, employees with offices in over 20 countries and development centers in IndiaChinaand Israel. Sections mentioned above provide absolutely full support for ECI’s clients from network planning to equipment installation and operation.


Whereas ECI had long emphasized the voice and video segments of telephone transmission, Telematics specialized in data products, especially those for automatic teller machines ATMslocal area networks LANsand wide area networks Efi. Presence of the storehouse within the Moscow office allow to deliver certain equipment more quickly than used to be.


ECI serves carriers and service providers in various sectors: Access devices grew to become ECI’s hottest product line in terms of saleswith revenues increasing 88 percent from to alone. Compliance with ISO Standards. Peculiarities of equipkents equipment: This means that MPLS systems offer the integration of voice, data and protection signals into one system. Its products provide companies around the world with cost-effective solutions to the ongoing dilemma of ever-increasing demand for transmission capacity.

Companies established in Manufacturing companies of Israel Telecommunications equipment vendors Telecommunications companies of Israel Companies based in Petah Tikva.

ECI Telecom’s Russia main objective is supplying customers with modern productive equipment and timely services. Communication Professional Services go. Foreseeing the eventual obsolescence of DCME and seeking to diversify accordingly, ECI teamed up with one of its most important clients, Germany’s Deutsche Bundespost Telekom, to develop a device that would increase the efficiency of local telephone lines.

Init acquired a 30 percent stake in Israel’s Telegate, a startup concerned with the development of technology that would allow cable television companies to offer phone services equipmejts coaxial cable lines.

ECI Telecom, Russia organizes training courses on different equipment types for own customers. ECI’s ability and inclination to target research and development funds to this sector and its eagerness to embrace international industry standards gave it other competitive advantages over its king-sized rivals.

Bythey vied DCMEs as the company’s largest revenue generator, contributing 32 percent of sales. Individual approach to each customer.

Many in the country’s “brain sch were employed by the government to do military research. Project Management Department is responsible for timely equipment delivery to customers. SDH multiplexers provides audio and video transmission. Ethernet-over-SDH provides the capacity to transport packet-based traffic over the SDH backbone with high reliability and low latencies.


IP/Ethernet and SDH solutions

Company eqiipments to its clients equipment of xTX family, namely:. This allows the operation of older systems during a transition period.

Turn on more accessible mode.

Max networks availability and reliability. These included access network products, which boost the efficiency and effectiveness of local telephone lines to accommodate integrated services digital network ISDN while postponing expensive infrastructure upgrades. Our experts can plan new networks and make a special technical offer for existing network ramp up taking into account all the possible variants of network operation, as well.

Russian Representation has highly professional, well-educated staff. Today, SDH equipmemts in combination with PDH access multiplexer are used mostly by utilities for the communication requirements in high-voltage networks. ECI’s digital circuit multiplication equipment “DCME” products increase the efficiency of long-distance telecommunications links via satellite, undersea fiber optic cable, microwave and coaxial cable.

ECI cooperates with all largest international communication service carriers. Marketing and Advertising Department. The fiber optic cables expanded bandwidth by a ratio of ten-to-one over copper, and the ATM switches merged voice, data, and video transmissions. ECI developed a specialization in telephone transmission products, which manipulate the signals carried on sci lines.

Especially the demand for further cost savings, above all the OPEX part, is the main challenge for the communication departments of the utilities.

Serving most of the major international service providers, our products offer integrated voice, data, fax and video capabilities through four major product groups: