In this blog, we would discuss the basic concepts regarding eCATT and how to develop a test script and test configuration to upload a test data file with a. Getting Ready to Test. Unit 2. Getting Ready to Test with eCATT. Unit 3. eCATT Scripts and the. Script Editor. Unit 4. Non-UI Testing. Unit 5. Testing Transactions . eCATT script arguments are an essential concept in the eCATT environment. They form the “interface” between eCATT and the Silk Test Workbench test.

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You can add your own values from row 4. It makes Ecatt script creation a lot easier to understand than any other guide I have read or any other Video I have seen. Permalink May 11, Hi Joachim, Apologies for late reply. xcript


Add this to your question, not to a separate answer. Jagger 6, 6 37 The only thing missing is screen shots but, you did a great job of explaining what would be seen. You should change this to Import and click on the Yes button.

The below process will explain you the steps to create the parameter. This is my parameters in table T And hence it is used mainly in Development systems. Save the file in the same format.


Click the green check mark and you will be directed to the screen of the transaction code you have entered. Permalink Jan 18, The file should ecatg like as follows: Click on the download variant button on the menu bar Fourth button from the left, the one with yellow arrow.

Person responsible will be back filled automatically with the user who is creating the script 4. However, you can use this system to test systems with Release 4.

A t tachments 0 Page History. A split screen will appear. Its primary aim is the automatic testing of SAP business processes. I really like this post. Enter test configuration name 2.

In the below example I have updated the spreadsheet with 10 user information. The default parameter type will eatt Local. Permalink Nov 14, Save the excel file without changing its format. Select the component 6.

Scrpt prompted with the Created Object Directory entry dialog box, select Local object. Permalink Mar 03, Be sure to number each record in your data file correctly this needs to be done the ecattdefault column else sfript will not be able to read the data correctly.

Creating mass user using eCATT (script) | SAP Blogs

Enter the name of the test script which you just created in the Test Script field and hit enter. Select Utilities, Settings 9. Select the Test Script radio button and enter the name of the script that you need to create For example: Each test generates a detailed log that documents the test process and results.

  ASTM E456 96 PDF

No search term specified. It is not recommended to run eCATTs in production environment as it will lead to database changes.

Accept the default name and directory and click save. Enter the script Title 5.

sap – Error ABAB ENDABAP block in eCATT Script – Stack Overflow

Go to the location where the text file is saved. While creating a script for user creation, the values which need to be replace by variable names would be First Name, Last Name, Email, Department etc.

Select TCD Record for command Choose the error behaviour options. Recording the user creation 1.

Creating mass user using eCATT (script)

Once you enter the variable name hit the enter key. Click next ,next,finish in the Text Import Wizard 4. The objective of this SOP is creating mass user short time with less administrative efforts. Post as a guest Name. June 24, 4 minute read.