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This area should then be coated with an electrode paste. There is no safety or pacemaker. The fibres may then respond to normal physicological pace making pulses. Blood flow questiom are used to monitor the blood flow in various blood vessels and to measure caridiac output. When the cell is said to be polarized? Its various types are: These are used for temporary heart irregularities.

Bio signal amplifier should be at least a differential amplifier. X-ray images developed by fluorescent principle and photoelectric effect on the fluorescent screen.

EC2021 Medical Electronics Nov Dec 2015 Question Paper

What is a tissue? About 75 percent of cell is water. List the types of electrodes systems for ECG lead configurations.


Silver-Silver chloride electrodes are used in bio-medical instrumentation.

EC Medical Electronics Question Bank | Devasena A. –

The human hear rate varies normally over a range of 60 to BPM. Describewith neat diagrams, the operation of bankk blood cell counter working on the principle of conductivity. The nucleus is separated from the cytoplasm by a nuclear membrane.

It arises as the ventricles relax and the internal pressure drops below the pressure in the atrium. Give any two medical applications of the same. DNA is the basic substance of the nucleus that controls replication of the cell. Arrhythmia is the disturbances in the heart rhythm.

Define absolute refractory period.

EC Medical Electronics MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

Like us on Facebook. The solution under test which contains dissolved CO2 is presented to the outer surface of the rubber membrane. The ability of the differential amplifier circuit to ignore common mode inputs like 50 HZ interference from mains is known as common mode rejection ratio.


Distinguish between microshock and macroshock. It is used to increase the input impedance of the monitoring system, so that the stray currents can be reduced. Sc Question Paper. The condition at which the eelectronics synchronizing action of the heart is lost is known as fibrillation. The minimum energy required to excite the heart muscle is about 10 joules.

Define inspiratory reserve volume Ec20211. F irst heart sound: Also discuss about its merits and demerits compared to other types of pacemakers. The principle fluid medium of the cell is water. This process is known as defibrillation. GE Computer Programming 4. Sc Functional English Question Paper. The corrected orthogonal leads system or frank lead system is used in vector cardiography. Draw typical ECG waveform.

Why glass electrode is very much preferred as active electrode in a pH meter? These are also called as intracellular electrodes.