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The book is fast paced and easy to read but still well written enough to hold a storyline that I wanted to read and enjoyed reading. Other books in the series. Ill and disorientated, he is found by a small, organized group of other kids who are battling to save the Earth from the invasion.

What’s their story to getting on the Woot woot! Earthfall is written in such a way that adult readers will find it a page-turner and captivating, while younger readers will find it thrilling and exciting.

A lot happens which is sort of expected. Who would I recommend it to? I actually quite like this – now I do not mean this in a patronising way but more out of surprise. I’ve read other reviews saying this book was more aimed at younger kids like, middle-grade but I think especially kids with their difficult to capture attention would have a hard time connecting to the events in the books.

Earthfall: Mark Walden: Bloomsbury Children’s Books

It wasn’t necessary as the narrative sped along nicely without them. Stirling is keeping from everyone. Each chapter was often a page turner, which I liked, and I also want to see what happens next.

Why did I survive a Hunter sting that usually kills within minutes, and waldenn can’t anyone else hear the sounds from the Threat like I do? Earthfaall was knocked to the floor by the force of the blast, temporarily blinded by the brilliant burst of light.


Basically as soon as they got some little victory over the aliens, we were given a sort of message of hope, and the book finished.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Plenty for the adrenalin junkies to enjoy then!

Every day is a struggle to find food and water without getting caught. I don’t think you’ll end up caring for the majority of the characters though, they’re basically Blob One and Blob Two, Generic McGenerica, but it is what it is. It’s among my fav.

The Earthfall Trilogy

To make everything worse, supplies are running low and after an almost fatal run-in with waldden Drone, Sam has a seriously infected wound. This time above ground he is less lucky. He was a lone survivor, then heroic and active, then the alien saviour. The boy waited until the vessel had passed directly overhead and then sprinted toward the other end of the street.

Aliens have invaded Earth and turned humans into mindless, speechless zombies who work as slaves building a giant structure for the wakden.

He crouched behind one of the vehicles and tried to quiet his labored breath. P All right for a dumpster find. That in itself is believable because characters as in real life don’t just get what they want. He rounded a bend and stopped in front of a gate held shut with a padlocked chain.

You won’t regret it. Keeping hidden from the savage weaponry walsen fills the streets and sky seems the best he can do. I guess we all talk to ourselves from time to time, but this felt forced somehow, as if the author thought he needed to put snippets of dialogue in to break up the narrative for fear of boring them with long chunks of description.

Only Sam seems immune to maek signal. The reason being is that I have never read any of Mark Walden’s works and yet I have seen the HIVE books almost every turn I make through the various book stores both new and old. The book gets right to the heart of the story, while still leaving a sense of mystery surrounding the entire plot. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. I expected this in Earthfall but Mark Walden steered away from that line and had everyone get along.


View all 3 comments. The battle for earth is about to begin. Six months later and Sam has yet to find anyone like him who is not enslaved by the aliens. For information on how we earthfal your data, read our Privacy Policy.

The boy watched as a hatch opened in the bottom of the triangular craft. Having said that, too many hurdles can become unrealistic and annoying so there must be a decent balance. I am not usually a fan of sci-fi, but soon I found myself immersed in Sam’s world. A lot of things simply didn’t transition wladen, or make sense. Beams of bright white light speared out as a series of portals opened on its underside, and swept along the streets below.

I liked how chapter to chapter, in reaction to each event there was an immediate response and not so much filler drama in between. Buy Earthfall by Mark Walden at Amazon. Miraculously surviving when his sister and mother are inexplicably turned into automatons, Sam goes on the run.

He comes up to find food, but stays out of sight during the day. Sure, all stories are copies of other stores and writing fiction is the method of regurgitating or retelling the same plot in a different way. What a great story! Showing of 7 reviews.