You can examine Gyyr DVMS Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for Gyyr DVMS Besides, it’s possible to examine. Case 1 > When DVM S is connected to conventional system. • Case 2 > When ~ (16 x 16). Indoor Unit, ERV. AHU kit, EHS. 1~ ~ 0~ Manage remote DVMS sites via network or dial-up connection with a DVMS Simplex, DVMS Simplex and DVMS. Simplex record speed of up to .

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Please enter dvmd characters shown in dmvs image. If you plan to use these inputs you will need to specify whether each contact is normally open NO or normally closed NC. Additionally, a link to unsubscribe from future email advertisements is contained in each email sent. Starting The Gyyr Ras Each of these types of events can be given their own event recording values. Hooking up a computer may be useful if you want to collect data for analysis or if you want to access the Setup program.

Double click on the Dial-up Networking icon. Click the OK button. Using these units helps save energy and the environment. Dvmx can archive a clip only if you have set up a drive for archiving see page Set the idle viewing mode Video In: You may need to contact your network administrator for IP address information. Enter your User Name and Password and press Enter. Double click the Control Panel icon. Hooking Up Your Equipment When you install a regular dial-up modem to use with DVMS you will need to make sure that this option is disabled.

  CSI 93C46 PDF

Entering The Setup Program When the system is in Alternate recording mode the office is supposed to be unoccupied, so it may be set to only record Motion Events. When the DVMS is burning in the new software you should not interrupt it in any way.

Page of Go. Double click the Network dvmd.

Gyyr DVMS 400 Manuals & User Guides

Windows Com Port Speed Setting Up The Dvms Unit Turning off the compression option does not significantly affect transmission times because DVMS data is already highly compressed before it leaves the unit. In addition, the units help reduce toxic substances through use of RA, a more eco-friendly refrigerant.

Enter key to select an item, and use the dvmw to enter text. Recording Video Monitor Images Quiet operation continues for 12 hours, so users can take advantage of decreased distractions during the night. Software Update Utility You will have to re-boot your computer to finish installing your new Dial-up Adapter.

Using the Setup Program When you first power up your system you will need to enter a number of settings to customize your DVMS system. When the System Log is full the oldest entries will be overwritten.

R&S®DVM Digital Video Measurement System | Overview | Rohde & Schwarz

Reduce expenses with installation designed to be easy and flexible. Vcr Setup optional VCR.

Installation You may select as many or as few types of events as you wish. Video Monitoring Controls Using Holiday Setup If you disable all four Users then the password function will be disabled when you use the unit locally no User Name or Password will be requested.

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Switcher Once you have finished setting your User Preferences, select Accept and press enter. Hard Disk Speed – Throughput Once you have entered a valid user name and password the Search Report selection screen will be shown.

Under these controls are the Video Clip Selection Controls.

A list will be displayed that shows all of the video clips that match your selection criteria. You must have Dial-up Networking installed in your Windows operating system before you can create a Modem connection.

Follow the instructions on your computer screen to setup the RAS software. If you want 2 cameras to record the maximum number of fields allowed for a single event each camera cannot be set to record more than 30 fields per second for NTSC and 25 fields per second for PAL, and they must be set to be recorded by camera 1 and 2.

Disconnecting From The Dvms Searching For Video Clips Arm Alarm And Alarm Reset Zoom in Up key Down Left Right. Note that you cannot record audio with your Pre-Event video clips. The DVMS will prompt you for a user name and password.