RZNC make DSP as the core control system,High-speed processing operation sports concluding continuous, step (crawl), distance, manual operation. Diagram. RZNC Connection Board. PDF created with FinePrint pdfFactory Pro trial version With DSP technology, the increase of cut-to-length precision can be obtained as it offers well-timed The RZNC Working Video links: . Press the “Delete” key,the RZNC Controller will showing “manual state screen”(as View 2). View 2.

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According to the clew, select beginning line number, the first G code da ta dis pla ys on the screen. Its ra nge is: Low grid is the least feed. Easily process G code or PLT Sometimes we call it file process.

Emergent Stop sensor, Hard limit sensors and so on. The system will automatically protect the process data when the power manuxl down suddenly. If the file Z axis up height is over this limit, it will adopt this value instead.

Users can switch moving modes by pressing in manual state and check the moving mode at bottom of the screen. Home Speed refers to that 3 axes home speed, normally Z axis home speed should be lower than that of X and Y axes. I don’t understend the exact problem, but if your dsp is not running connect it to the pc by usb install 050 software and then reinstall the firmware.


RZNC-0501 DSP Operating Manual

Af t e r enterin g, pres s the buttons a nd the rela ted ones will s how the c u r s o r. Pres s a nd go ba ck former menu.

Outpu t Sel f Check refers to the s ys tem checks Ou tput termina ls p ropert ies. Then you must change your file size or operate it in an other engraving machine with bigger table size. Now I don’t know how to transfer the program from signtek to the DSP.

Enable means that Z axis raises to the set height after it f i n i s h e manuap a l l w o r k.

I tell you about. If it needs to continue to process from the Stop Point1, press compound buttons: If you ha ve us ed this functi on, you need not to press t o c l e a mznual.

So it needs to set the segment parameters and multiple parameters first, then call this function here. Z axis goes down speed ratio. Then the cursormoves to the next line till goes back the former menu. Z axis, one is on the top and the other is on the bottom. The manula and the firmware for you dsp model need to be on a cd you got when you buy the dsp or the router.


Author Index Acharya BC But you need to check, there must be something dps especially some parameter inside.

RZNC DSP Operating Manual

Totally independent from PC platform. Choose file U Disk flile list Inner file list View Cho os e U disk file l is t, p ress to get in, it display all files inthe U diskmove the curs or to the down loa ded upda te fi le, p ress to s ta rt, the upda te f ile info mannual rs on the s creen, the us er mus t move the curs o r and rea d a ll inf o, then repres s opera te next, the screen dis pla ys a s f oll owing: Then p ress to delete.

The Cursor moves to the Y axis speed item automatically, if it 00501 unnecess a ry to cha nge the va dzp, p ress to move to the Z axisspeed item. Originally Posted by vijayv. Page 5 of 7 First Copyright Automation Technology Inc. Then it shows the value of spindle state, thedefa ult va lue is 2.