: Driven: How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices ( ): Paul R. Lawrence, Nitin Nohria: Books. Driven – Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria. This post contains my personal notes about the big ideas in [Driven: How Human Nature Shapes. My Notes on “Driven – How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices” by Paul R. Lawrence & Nitin Nohria:

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In this line of reasoning, altruism is simply seen as a calculated action that confers some gain, however distant or indirect that gain might be.

Driven – How Human Nature Shapes Our Choices by Paul R. Lawrence & Nitin Nohria

But I think that’s a pretty big assumption. Jan 05, William Nohrja rated it really liked it Shelves: The more drives your offer appeals to, the more appealing it will be to your potential customers.

The drives nohrla the human experience, and we all want all of them all niin the time. There are four core human drives that shape how people think and behave. This leads in time to the frustration of all drives. Oct 13, Adam Archer rated it liked it Shelves: It grew on me toward the end, but I wouldn’t recommend it to drigen. This was one of the hardest books I’ve ever read since university.

It is quite scholarly and explains the main thesis really well. Finally, while it might be more difficult to achieve, a very similar relationship can evolve between direct competitors and between firms and their government regulators.


One of the critical roles of a leader of any given group is to facilitate open-minded relations with other parts of the organization while defending the group from outside challenges as needed.

As seen in FYI: A job that fulfills only one or two drives, no matter how lavishly, would not be a substitute for a job that provides a balanced opportunity to fulfill all four drives. I disliked this book from the start.

Nov 02, Dvir Oren rated it it was ok. It has already changed how I view human nature as a leader, as a member of my Family, as a member of a larger profession.

Innate Drives and Skills. Repeat sales are essential. Whenever we feel threatened in some way – physically or socially – we spring into defensive mode.

Driven – Paul R. Lawrence and Nitin Nohria – Josh Kaufman

Some of these items are necessary for survival, like food and shelter. How would individual jobs be designed to best engage the four-drive person? The game has been specifically engineered to appeal to all four b drives. Once on the job, the bonding drive will lead every person to search for others with whom they can evolve mutual caring commitments. Derek Neighbors added it Nov 27, Other things being equal, these multiple bonds will lead the people involved into friendly support of one another.

In addition, in an effort to keep the competition from becoming cutthroat or the bonding from becoming collusive, the designer can foster the identification of every employee with the firm as nitln whole noheia its overall goals.

With their drive to acquire and related skill sets such as the sense of ownership and property rights, they could create and accumulate large stores of items of value. Hamani Ali rated it liked it Jan 13, His research, published in twenty-four books and numerous articles, has centered on the human aspects of management, organizational change, and organization design. Linda rated it it was amazing Jan 15, Likewise, individuals can become so obsessed with learning that they forget to eat or sleep or take vacations—and this can happen to whole organizations.


Bricoleur David Soul rated it liked it Apr 03, The analysis of organizational failures resulting from the lack of one or more of these drives in the individuals’ roles is more interesting. Much the same issues arise here as with employees. The rest of the book reads as a summary of popular science books and how they could reinforce the authors’ ideas.

Yet if every fisherman acts this way, all will lose out as the overall stock becomes depleted. Certainly once such a blueprint is understood as a desirable target, it should be easier to achieve.

The Drive to Learn D3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Humans have the need to acquire things. James rated it it was amazing Oct 05, Of course, shareholders have always been lawrehce as caring only about the acquiring opportunities provided by share ownership.