: The Sea of Faith (): Don Cupitt: Books. Don Cupitt has his own website which explains many of his central ideas. The Sea of Faith churches also have a website worth exploring. Links to both can be. Don Cupitt’s Sea of Faith, first published by the BBC in association with the eponymous TV series, is now ten years old and has recently been repub lished by.

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Cupitt believes that there are elements of Christianity that are worth saving. Well, yes, mystical writing is indeed politically and linguistically subversive and always was so the mystic seeks to create an effect of religious happiness by liberating religious language from the Babylonian captivity of metaphysics. He points out that the same applies in science.

Don Cupitt

Thus, if we return to the question ‘what is religion’ it would be misleading to say that religion is a collection of signs and symbols creating a framework to understand reality. Cupitt thinks moral laws are necessary and, to a certain extent, will take care of themselves.

A good revision summary of his ideas can be cupit here along with other useful RS stuff! Views Read Edit View history. People often like and dislike similar things, this could imply that our experiences are similar. When we discuss ideas we use words, when we think we use words.

Cupitt describes solar ethics as ‘ethical expressivism or emotivism’ in his introduction to the book. One could argue that to keep terms but reject the traditional understanding of them ismisleading.


Cupitt however, argues that Christianity has undergone several fairly radical revisions of itself throughout its history, consider faiith example the difference between traditional and liberal views about homosexuality. Cupitt believes that Christianity discourages autonomous ethical behaviour.

Sea of Faith

For the television series, see Sea of Faith TV series. The Sea Of Faith Network holds national and regional conferences and promotional events each year. In The Last Testament he points out that although we no longer have Geocentric view of the world we still speak of ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’.

One should live expressively, from the heart, without any ressentiment or negative feeling. For example, liberal Christianity dupitt dispensed with many of the more problematic parts of Christianity without arguing for a non-realist interpretation of God. People will mean different things by the terms.

Sea of Faith – Wikipedia

If it is not any different then why call it religion? Words are also a human construct which means that we build reality.

Religion as a Way of Worldmaking. Language helps us to organise and make sense cupity our experience. Firstlyhe claims that traditional religion is dead and beyond recovery. Cupitt says we should understand theological language in this non-realist way.

Stage 5 The Turn to Be-ing life involves creativity, religion can help nurture that creative becoming. The Sea of Faith. Cupitt says that Jesus’ message is the original solar ethic and his life can be an example of how to embrace opportunities, stand up for off and not fear death. Since that time he has devoted his energies to developing his ideas in a long line of books. During the s I still felt pretty confident of the permanent and in-all-situations goodness and religious efficacy of Christian myths, symbols and moral values.


Gladstone’s Library website is here: Thus religion does not need to provide society with its moral laws. As stated above, Cupitt rejects the traditional Christian view of Jesus in favour of what he believes to be a more authentic reading. Whereas many modern thinkers believed cupiyt the use of reason could enable humans to access Truth, postmodernists like Cupitt point out that we are all trapped within our own subjective understandings of the world.

Between Realism and Non-Realism.

Don Cupitt Quotes (Author of The Sea of Faith)

Includes a FAQ page which helps to cupjtt their theological perceptive. Stage 7 onwards The Religion of the Future this life is all there is, embrace it! Wittgenstein who taught in Cambridge in the s said that most people think of words as symbols which correspond to objects that exist in the real world.

Furthermore, traditional adherents to Christianity would doubtless object to this revision of God, afterlife, prayer and salvation.

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