Heroes of the Feywild is a supplement for the 4th edition of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game. Contents. 1 Contents; 2 Publication history. Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild enables players to weave the acclaimed Star Wars Roleplaying Game and the D&D Essentials line. Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild will be prominently featured in the upcoming D&D. Encounters™ season Beyond the Crystal Caves.

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The Protector also has Primal Guardian that lets them use their constitution modifier instead of dexterity or intelligence when determining armor class. Flavorful, different, and intriguing. So being able to create 50ft of rope on demand is awesome in my book. Berserker powers include Stalk and Strike, which enables feywilv to move up to two squares before attacking, and Sweeping Cut, which can level all of the enemies surrounding you.

No class restrictions apply to this theme og you must be a Fey race, so Elves, Eladrin, Half-Elves or any of the faces found in this book are fair game. This encourages to the Berserker to rush into combat and tie up enemies while their allies strike from a distance. The extra healing from its aura is nice and I really like the option possessing two or three daily powers presents.

One of the benefits of this joining is that you can incorporate the Faerie realm into any campaign; regardless of where you are or what settings your DM is running their campaign in.

One-Hour Review: Heroes of the Feywild

The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: Gone was the Great Wheel cosmology and in its place was the World Axis cosmology. Top notch for any building any feywild adventure, regardless of edition. They are curious and eternally childlike, just like you would imagine.

Nov 16, Marcelo rated it liked it Recommends it for: If you’re interested in playing the wilds, this book is perfect! The new Witch subclass of Wizard is as true to legend as is possible. Included in both of my packs were promo codes for Dungeons and Dragons Online: Hamadryads, pixies, and satyrs and all other facts that you explained it would be very interesting for us.


Or in a building! This is a wonderful book for those snd in incorporating the Fey into their adventures.

The catch is when you do your skin turns grey, eyes turn into pools of obsidian, and the air around you grow stifling and murky for a moment. Those who arouse suspicion will be quietly murdered in their sleep; those with too much promise will be likewise dealt with, for Mearls wants no potential usurpers or threats to his domination. Marvel Comics for December 19th, There may even be a story to tell of the players being chased by a Wild Hunter is they go around breaking their words of oath.

Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: The last theme, the Unseelie agent is every bit as shadowy as the Sidhe lord is bright and noble, but also undeniably fey.

They also have a special bond with a tree, call their Home Tree. Their utility powers include Bending the Balance, which can help the hit points of a friend or hurt the hit points of a foe, and Channel the Unseelie, which allows you to transform into a Satyr of the night, a creature of shadow which is invisible in dim light and only takes half damage from necrotic attacks.

Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild: A 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons Supplement by Mike Mearls

For those unaware, fortunes cards are random booster packs of cards that players can use during gameplay to give themselves little boons. Jon rated it it was amazing Mar 31, For one, it is an extremely chaotic world. Four new paragon paths and three new epic destinies end presented in Heroes of the Feywild.

This power was grant by this dark benefactor in exchange for the occasional innocuous favor. The second chapter discuses the races of the fey, such as the all-female Harmadryads, the all male Satyrs, and the miniscule and mischievous Pixies.

Their nymph lineage shows itself in their Racial Ability, Lure of Enchantment.


Journey Into the Faerie Realm: Heroes of the Feywild Reviewed

Unless I had a specific idea for using that as part of my game, I would have a hard feywils letting my player play a Skald because of it. Heroes of the Feywild: People that like playing with the Bard, the Druid, the Ranger, and the Barbarian. Untitled by Reese WitherspoonHardcover 5.

Jeff Greiner, from The Tome Show. The many planes of existence in the Great Wheel were consolidated into six planes in the World Axis. Of course, Mearls is but one of many feywkld charged, but he is looked upon with special favor and expectation. These are some cool abilities, but all the mechanics aside I think think this is a fantastic theme for two reasons. Sean rated it liked it Dec 21, Your email address will not be published.

They are limited to dnc and represent the best of the best when it comes to witches.

The story possibilities are endless, making the Witch a welcomed class in my game. While they classes and races have Fey roots they are not bound to the Feywild.

Heroes of the Feywild – Wikipedia

Brian rated it it was amazing Jun 07, It is pretty interesting in and of itself, even if you are not trying to incorporate it into your character. If you want to enter into this world of raw magical power, this is definitely a must-have supplement.

The last destiny is Witch Queen. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But the best part are the “Bard’s Tales” sections, side-blocks of feywikd small and large, conveying the most interesting, strange, and bizarre folklore tales.

This is a great boon since charisma is the most important stat for a skald. I really, really like it. Jerry rated it really liked it May 17,