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Croatia, the War, and the Future. Ina Vukic – Croatia: Sorry still no cigar, shall we try again? The fascinating reality is that like some cursed undead creature from the grave, this regime and its djordjje secret service continue to campaign against us in a modern Western society let alone within the shadows of the modern political corridors of the Croatian parliament in Zagreb at this very moment.

But what Tony Jones is doing, which I will take a leap of faith and define in a few moments, reaches back further than many of us would care to remember and which some of us reading this may be too young to. The exodus of citizens, namely from Croatia made their way not only to Germany and other like European economic powerhouses but far further flung places globally, consequently the benefit economically gained from doing so for the regime was counted by a new problem, these economic workers now joined with political exiles and Croatian nationalism and the fight against the tyranny of Yugoslav communist rule was fueled.

During this time, the CIA was dealing with a host of communist actions globally, Vietnam, the licina-fvadeseti threat of communism spreading through other parts of Asia, not to mention South America, were key focal points for the U.

Ok, quiz question time. What you do is create a threat, spread misinformation, djodje black op or black flag operations in other sovereign states under the guise that such actions are being perpetuated by the same dissidents you asked your buddies to keep an eye on, you send in agents who infiltrate the immigrant population and either set in play black flag operations or collect information on those individuals while proudly acting as one of them.

What connected the Croatian community in Australia to all this was the simple fact that the Whitlam Government of the day, for all its perceived foresight and vision for a modern Australia, was playing straight into the hands of foreign influence and as I previously mentioned vovek concerns.

The Yugoslav Prime Minister was due to visit Australia and there were concerns that local Croatian dissidents were planning to assassinate him. In and they launched unsuccessful military raids into then Yugoslavia. But ASIO was relatively indifferent to this perceived terrorist threat and was chiefly concerned with Soviet espionage and the licuna-dvadeseti menace from that quarter of the time being communist subversion.

Murphy questioned the officers for hours while Licina-ddvadeseti Police carted off documents. So much has been uncovered since the 16th of March as to the involvement of both Yugoslav consulate staff and undercover UDBa agents during that time and their infiltration into both the Australian Government and their service arms and the Croatian community that it bewilders me to this licina-dvadessti that a blind eye has been cast and a total lack of reflection on their activities maintained while the perpetuation of untruths continues, Tony Jones and his comic strip paperback being a prime example of this attitude.

For the Croatian people, Australian Citizens in every respect of the term, what transpired as a result of these raids is despicable. Personal threats both known and clandestine continued for years, the naming of names in the media of Croatian Australian Citizens being terrorists and war criminals would be unthinkable in this day and age, Jim Cairns stating under parliamentary djkrdje in licina-dvadesetl old Parliament House that every man, woman and child of Croatian heritage should be returned to Yugoslavia as war criminals and terrorists is incomprehensible.


Eventually the Whitlam Government came into disrepute, Dr Jim Cairns was uncovered for his affair with Junie Covsk, we watched The Loans Affair unfurl as the political scandal involving the Whitlam Government demonstrated how they attempted to unconstitutionally borrow money from Middle Eastern countries through the agency of Pakistani banker Tirath Khemlani, bypassing standard procedures of the Australian Treasury.

But Tony is just covfk small pin in the greater machine that we thought had come to a grinding halt when Prime minister Paul Keating stood up in Federal Parliament, in Januaryand licna-dvadeseti the Modern State of Croatia as a sovereign nation when in our darkest hour under attack we looked to the world for affirmation. We cry for Lustration in our matriarchal homeland, yet is it paramount that this action must start in licina-davdeseti heartland we call the Diaspora, our Diaspora, our Australia.

I put it to every reader that just as Prime minister Kevin Rudd apologised to indigenous Australians back in for the indiscretions imposed upon them as a culture, that we, as persecuted Australian Citizens of the liina-dvadeseti are as deserving of such an apology from the current Labor Party on behalf of their leaders in the Whitlam Government of I call upon you, the reader, to deny Tony Jones his moment in the sun and send him back to the crypt of corruption deceit and treachery from whence the material he writes about came from.

I call upon every licina-dvadeseit of you who read this to commit to signing a petition to the Attorney General of Australia and to the leader of the Labor Opposition calling upon him to apologise in Federal Parliament on behalf of his party and its predecessors to the Croatian community. I call upon licija-dvadeseti Government of the day to release all documents highlighting and exposing the affairs of the Government of the day in its dealings with the Federal Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia and to enter into Lustration, providing the Australian public with details of all information of a personal or communal nature that was transmitted to the FSRY.

Finally, I call upon the same Government to bear pressure on the Republic of Croatia to also Lustrate and reveal through the opening of its FSRY files all information collected and used against both Australian Croatians and their families under siege at that time in Croatia. Like Liked by 1 person. Proud that we have Australian Croatians such as Mr. Ovcaric who are more then capable to respresent the true voice of Australian Croatians.!!

Actual Croatian deviant Bolshevik political Secret Service Divison for State Terrorism, that has commited number of political murders ever since late s untill recently, is active further licina-dfadeseti major represive state institutions, licina-dvadeweti well as diseminating refreshed network personnel even in Australia.

The head of Bolshevik Brigade del morte, Josip Perkovic got preliminary life sentence, but his vicious Secret service network is still very active, as well in Australia too. The witness of all, first hand, yours, The Crow of Truth.

Those who have first hand witness material and experiences are gold — true or fake democracy, Covwk Veritas, truth will out! Djordie you for comment.

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Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented: This article brought back memories of the fear every Croatian family had at the time. The fear of raids on homes, businesses etc. This is by far the best article l have read on the licin-advadeseti in years. The points in history, the criminals in Djotdje who accused us of terrorism should never be forgotten. This current lot under Shorten are just ad bad as the lot with Whitlam.

Well done again for an extremely well written article. An article that every Croatian page should share and remember. Ina thanks for posting this, this is what the struggle is about. And while those Croatians that were persecuted fled from communist oppression in hope and promise to find peace in Australia contributed enormously to the beauty Australia is today, many did this while exposed to vilification and persecution, Branko.


Alas, Australia was supposed to be fighting communism at the time and yet its secret services collaborated with communist secret police and all the while false accusations, evidence fabrication, infiltration into Croatian community etc.

This should not have happened and must be exposed and addressed, starting with an Djorje Labor Party apology. Reblogged this on Ace News Desk. We have always lucina-dvadeseti ready to commit to signing a petition to the Attorney General of Australia at the very least. This we will do in in honour and memory of our hard working Australian Croatians Parents. It was a war between nationalists. The nationality was based on religion so you can call licina-dvareseti a religious war.

The nationality origin is slavs from the south, seperated by religions. The stealing communist elite was replaced with warlords and other criminals covel steal too. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Đorđe Ličina (Author of Na zlatnom tragu)

Welcome to my blog. Here I will bring to you a variety of topics covering the documented truth about that terrible war that Croatia lkcina-dvadeseti to endure during the period between and and about Croatian political history that shaped a wonderful nation of people.

Croatian people wanted independence for centuries, just as they had it until the twelfth century but fate was not on their side — others wanted their beautiful land. In June Croatia declared its independence; soon after the aggressive war against Croatia broke out.

The struggle of the Croatian people for self-determination was a just one. But I fear genuine justice has not been served as there have been, and there still exist, international covert and overt moves to equate victims with aggressors continue in attempts to change history.

Truth often becomes obscured and lost and that is why I have chosen to write this blog, to concentrate on actual events and issues about Croatia — wishing it a bright and freedom-loving future. The second front was the war of political propaganda centred on: Indeed Croatia had an absolute right to defend itself and this is often forgotten if not often denied it. Ina has been a tireless volunteer on humanitarian aid and fundraising for victims of war in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially war orphans.

Ina has also written hundreds articles for newspapers in Australia and Croatia on the plight of Croatian people for freedom and self-determination, developing democracy in former communist countries. She holds two graduate and one post-graduate university degrees, specialising in behaviour, clinical and political psychology and management.

We have carved out that right at our first democratic elections. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, we are getting close. If you answered as follows, big elephant stamp for you. Comments First Night Design says: August 24, at 1: August 24, at 9: Indeed, Sarah Like Liked by 1 person.

Full on, Mark Malic! August 24, at 2: Thank you, Mark Malic Like Like. August 24, at 3: August 24, at Thank you for comment Like Like. August 25, at 1: August 25, at 6: Thank you, sedge … Like Like. August 26, at Ace Worldwide News Group says: August 27, at 8: August 27, at 9: Welcome great post … Like Like.

August 31, at 4: This is unfinished business for Australian Croatians. Today we are part of the fabric of Australian society. August 31, at 8: September 3, at 5: September 3, at 6: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here