View and Download DigiDesign VENUE Profile manual online. VENUE Profile Music Mixer pdf manual download. VENUE SC48 User Manual. VENUE SC48 User Manual. By Chris,. Categories. Audio · Video · How to Acoustics · Product Focus. We’re proud to be the AV. Digidesign Profile Mix Rack System Digital Mixing System user manual · Go to Digidesign website Digidesign VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing.

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Busses Click to select a Bus Configuration option. Page To adjust Threshold from an input strip: Inputs And Input Routing Chapter 7: The parameter matrix is a scrollable grid in which you can safe parameters and channels.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Press the same now unlit Mute switch again to explicitly mute the channel.

Managing Snapshots Do any of the following: EQ The following EQ features are available: Meters Mains The Mains meters provide constant level indication of the house Mains output. Loading Shows You can also right-click a Show file name and choose lect the folder.

Digidesign VENUE Digital Mixing Consoles

Un- used channel strips are left blank and inactive. The consoles are all compatible with Pro Tools for recording directly off the console with one cable, and also to enable the ‘Virtual Soundcheck’ feature, where a recording is played back through the inputs, in effect reducing the need for the band to actually be present digidwsign soundcheck [14]. On any linked bus pairs, select the Follows Channel Pan op- tion.

Toggling one channel from Off to On results in both channels switching On; toggling one of the linked channels from On to Off results in both channels switching Off. Page Take advantage of Tool Tips in the banner display to con- firm what action the Undo button will revert. One sidecar was included in the standard package. Presets with a live source. This filtered list is saved digidesitn the Show file.


Page This filtered list is saved with the Digidesgn file. Page 7 Chapter Page In the Inserts section of the Outputs page, click the hard- ware insert indicator so that it lights red. Triggers Actions The Triggers list shows the name and properties of each trigger The Actions list shows the actions defined in the currently se- defined for the currently selected event, as well as commands lected event, as well as commands to create and manage ac- to create and manage triggers. Blank digidesiyn in position 16, Right-click menu shown On-screen, right-click on the destination strip where you want to move the selected channel.


Navigating and Selecting Chan To manaul the Patchbay screen: Settings can also be stored, loaded, and transferred as dynamics Presets. Adding Plug-in Data To Snapshots Multiple snapshots can be selected, and others can be added to or removed from the selection, at any time prior to adding, removing, or updating plug-ins and snapshots.

Show Files in the History Tab The auto-saved Show digidesgin displayed in the History Tab are named according to the date and time of their creation, and cannot be renamed. Put the system into Config mode.

VENUE SC48 User Manual

Page Cancel button on-screen, or by pressing the ESC key on your computer key- board. This article needs additional citations for verification.


Input Signal Flow Chapter Transferring Settings, Shows and Presets You can copy Console Settings, Shows, and Presets to and from a portable storage device such as a USB key disk for backup, transfer from standalone software, and transfer be- tween systems.

Its Mute switch is now lit solid. Available destinations for Direct Outputs include: This lets you quickly see what plug-ins Plug-Ins can be placed in any rack slot.

Although S6L runs VENUE software like earlier systems, it features a new control surface that integrates multiple touch screens vneue significantly more knobs [8] for faster navigation and editing of parameters than older VENUE systems. Talkback, 2-Track, and built-in Oscillator output can Talkback be routed to any output busses. Events This chapter introduces the Events window, and explains how Terminology to use the Event List.

DigiDesign VENUE Profile Manual

Go to the appropriate Input tab in the Patchbay. Overview of Software Pages Filing The software screen provides the following pages and tabs. Split Stereo The behavior when splitting a stereo strip into Adding Blank Strips two mono strips is as follows: Preview mode lets you recall, store and edit snapshots without Storing a snapshot in Preview mode does not mnaual previously affecting the current mix.

Venhe use DigiTest at the request of a Digidesign technician to diagnose specific hardware problems.