La diatermia por ondas cortas di6 resultados significativamente mejores que los comprimidos inertes; las inyecciones de substancia terapeuticamente inerte. OBJETIVOS: Analisar o efeito da diatermia por ondas curtas no torque do músculo quadríceps femoral gerado pela contração voluntária e. Equipamentos de diatermia por ondas curtas (DOC) são utilizados em clínicas de Conclui-se que deve haver uma maior conscientização por parte dos.

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Protocols Treatment of contractures in the chronic phase 1 The device must be in an appropriate place, respecting the proper electrical installation. Is the occurrence of burns pr It is recommended to use a stretcher of wood.

The compact design favors the portability without sacrificing an efficient RF power. It has full power of 70W. Yes, if the dosimetry is incorrectly used, and if it does not comply with the curts of use, such as: The closer, the less will be the reflection of the wave produced and thus get higher absorption.


The use of electrical equipment is restricted to physicians, physiotherapists or even health professionals duly licensed.

Dlatermia professional can operate the equipment? What is the distance that the operator and other persons should be the patient who is receiving the technique?

Diatherapic Microwave appliance of short wave diathermy

Pregnant women should not be submitted to treatment by diathermy as also operate or be close to the equipment when it is in operation, we suggest that you do not remain in the same room.

Pregnant women can apply or receive microwave?

What is the frequency of the equipment, and operates in what ways? The maintenance of the pleasant thermal sensation should last until the end of the application.

What is the maximum power of the microwave equipment Diatherapic Microwave?

Advise the patient to take metal objects, wet clothing, if possible undressing the treatment area and curtzs the skin. The number of applications varies depending on the pathology and the evolution of the patient, but for initiation of treatment it is suggested daily applications with progressive reduction. Avoid quickly arrive in the dosimetry expected for the entire treatment, since the tendency is that the temperature rise is constant.


Ondas Curtas by Clei Dione Batista Barbosa on Prezi

The reflector has at its end a special plastic coating, whose purpose is to allow the correct approach of the antenna. Ppor many applications are necessary?

The feeling of the patient should be of a pleasant warmth. What is the optimal distance of spherical reflector the region of application?

Features special flexible cable and folding arm that allows you to place the reflector in any position.