Delusions of Gender has ratings and reviews. Cordelia Fine, a psychologist, decided to write this book after discovering her son’s kindergarten. In Delusions of Gender the psychologist Cordelia Fine exposes the bad science, the ridiculous arguments and the persistent biases that blind. fascinating on the blurring of the line between pathological delusions and the Cordelia Fine is a Research Associate at the Centre for Agency, Values and.

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And if it doesn’t make you change your mind about at least a few things in this area, you are either a remarkably knowledgable person or an incurable bigot.

Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference by Cordelia Fine

Oh boy pun intended! Cordelia Fine examines a number of supposedly scientific studies, together with the books and newspaper articles which genrer popularised them for a general audience Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus and their odious ilk Delusions of Gender is an enjoyably acerbic and eloquent takedown of evolutionary psychologists and their neuroscientist collaborators—those practitioners of Bad Science, whose work is often repeated uncritically in tabloid newspapers or corvelia to shape educational curricula.

It could very easily have been a valuable part of that discussion.

Depending on how good your sense of humour is, it is either discomforting or hilarious to discover that neuroscience is not above redefining what is ‘necessary’ depending on how their business of deciphering the brain develops. Both groups then take a math test. But while I was aghast at some of the ways she put things, I imagine the reader at large would not have noticed, let alone taken umbrage. She seems to believe there are NO innate differences between the sexes, which is a bit of a stretch to me.

Cordelia Fine University of Melbourne.

For the rest of us, men are innately attracted to women and women are innately attracted to men. Regardless of that small detail and the fact that gender roles in society continue to change, there are always those who claim that whatever women dellusions achieving at the moment is the absolute biologically-determined limit.


Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences by Cordelia Fine

What I’d like to highlight are two features. While I did learn that there was little or no valid evidence for some of the biological gender differences that I had previously heard touted, it was hardly a review of what differences are known to exist. If testers know the sex of a baby as they usually willthat may skew how they interact. Cordelia Fine – – Neuroethics 6 2: Most psychologists now agree that sexual preference is, at least in part, an innate psychological egnder.

He cites this book as an influence on his ideas about gender preferences not being innate. Ma says early on deluslons There are several hundred accepted chess openings, and, to the best of fnie knowledge, none of them have been invented by women.

I wonder why this wasn’t one of those sexist psychologists, with talk of brain differences between men and women, to be debunked in this book. At some point two of the kind male teachers from PAC happened to be visiting MLC, so she took them to the staff room for a cuppa. I especially recommend it to parents interested in gender-neutral parenting, women in male-dominated professions, and everyone interested in the fascinating ways our biases inform scientific research both with regards to hender as well as planning experiments themselves.

That makes it less accessible than a lot of the talk show-fodder books it’s debunking, like all those ridiculous “Why Men Are Insensitive Horndogs Who Suck at Housework Surprise!

Delusions of Gender (Paperback)

As her argument runs, later decades are likely to look back and have the same response to our use of neuroscience to plaster authority onto scientifically unsupported notions of gender. If that’s delusioms she did, I’d have trusted this book so much more. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Studies that fail to find one may not be published.

The books are good ammunition for arguments with people who think science has incontrovertibly shown biological bases for gender differences such as mathematical ability. This study is important. It does not square with what we know about evolution. I do not think, however, that that would be true to the deeper spirit of the book. Thinking in this way is a kind of madness that is much commoner in men.

Book claims brain scans sell sexes short”. Oh, and knock off all the outrage. Her material spoke for itself, the relentless mass of it which she brings to bear. View all 4 comments.

Get it to your local school board. Drawing on more sound but less high-profile research, Fine argues that most coedelia differences arise within social, cultural and personal environments that influence what hormones we produce and how our genes work.

Thankfully her wit, sarcasm and brisk pace stop the book from ever getting dry. As Cordelia Fine says in her book, you’d think that girls were born without arms or legs. No one explains that this is averaged difference. In one particularly egregious example, an author drew gender differences from a study with only female participants.

As it stands, I find myself dubious even of claims that sound reasonable.

This explains the choice of word in the subtitle – neurosexism – but it is the sort of thing that irritated me as I read this – I don’t like the current style of pop science where impartiality is a positive defect. For instance, women who gendrr reminded of the stereotype that women are bad at math perform worse on math tests.