actualizado automáticamente por las notificaciones que realice alguno de los . DIAN. b) Envíos de correspondencia, los paquetes postales y los envíos urgentes, de que trata el Decreto de “Por el cual se modifica la Legislación. Este registro será actualizado automáticamente por las notificaciones que realice alguno . conformidad con el Decreto de Según la Ley DIAN. Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales. ECE. Economic. de este documento ha sido preparado y actualizado en enero de .. gación de informarle a la DIAN y al Banco de la República, los movimientos Decreto ley /67, Art. y siguientes D. de y resolución de

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No El Salvador Partially implemented Receive the decrero training to clearly identify goods as low value shipments while also minimizing the possibility of fraud in the declaration of these shipments.

decreto 2685 de 1999 pdf dian

Supreme Decree EF, Art. Trinidad and Tobago Yes.

No Yes to simplified documentation general manifestbut there is no deferment of payment. In assisting some of the shipping agents to decreo on line and also to be able to produce the standard format. Technical assistance is needed in the area of Legislative Drafting. No existe tratamiento especial para documentos publicitarios. Parameters for risk evaluation.

Reimportación en el mismo estado by kimberly villalba on Prezi

Needed for establishment of the internet protocol network facility. Conflict of Interest Dominica Customs Act. It is necessary to determine in advance the nature and scope of the information to be made available to users, as a function of confidentiality, which should also be preserved.

No existe un manual de procedimientos aduaneros para las importaciones de documentos publicitarios. Training in the ATA Convention. Technical assistance to 1 improve the capacity of the General Directorate of Customs Revenues officials in the detection of possible fraud in imports and exports; 2 have the capacity to identify high risk tax zones in order to dedicate more human and technical resources to these zones and generate more fluid commercial interchange in the zones with lower tax risks.


No distinction is established between goods that accompany the business traveler and those that do not. However, Customs are working towards the implementation of these systems.

Know-how for processing of information and maintenance. Bahamas Yes — Yes. IN14 October Yes.

No Technical djan is needed in coordination with the National Immigration Agency. Customs Law, Article 41 Partially. Law and its Regulation. Technical assistance is needed for establishing the Internet Protocol network facilities in these areas. Technical Assistance is needed in the area of legislative drafting. Couriers pay cost-recovery for services-on-demand Departmental Memorandum D No Section 40 of Customs Act, Chapter Deferred payment of duties is not provided for because the General Customs Law does not allow it.

Principles provided for in legislation — Barbados Yes — Yes. Standards of Conduct document Chile Yes. Software, hardware, and training are needed. Partially envisioned in the General Customs Law No. Computer unit and entire staff require training. Yes, it is appropriate to have an expert in this area, in order to assess the customs legislation and the respective procedure. Implementation of a new set of regulations is anticipated.

Computer hardware; software; training of personnel; legal assistance in establishing the applicable statutes, regulations, policies and procedures. Consulting services to create selection profiles to attempt to reduce the human element in determining physical inspections, without impeding the flow of the operation. Section of the Customs Act Yes. General Code of Conduct for all Public Officers.


Estimated catualizado by December IN of December 20, No Respecto del elemento primario No. Actualizaado is needed for implementing a monitoring computer program, at some of the customs administrations, which is compatible with the Century XXI Customs System.

Hardware and Software Training No Yes. The technical assistance that would be needed would be to be able to have the Explanatory Notes in Spanish and in electronic format. For other types of goods, we are implementing a procedure providing for rapid processing, with customs working 24 hours. Yes In order acfualizado establish and implement procedures and training in the use of computer packages, technical assistance is needed for the implementation process.

Legislative changes; acquisition of acualizado acquisition of computer programs Yes. A simplified declaration is required, always following Customs valuation procedures.

Depending on the speed with which the company presents the appropriate documents.

actualuzado Yes, Technical assistance is needed to implement other modules. Lucia Yes No No Yes. La Aduana de los EE. It is urgent to have training in the use of risk management systems, as well as in a computer system that permits the establishment of technical selection criteria, for an intelligent control and inspection system.

Introduction of, or amendment to, national codes of conduct, actualjzado, policies or regulatory instruments applicable to customs officials with provisions on standards of conduct, conflict of interest, and possible sanctions and disciplinary action ii.

Decree of Dec. Ley de Aduanas Parcialmente. See answer to Measure 4 i.