Death Kn^qhts of Krynn begins a year after the defeat of Takhisis’ minions in Use the instructions on the Data Card to load the saved game and begin playing. dkk-back dkk-manual PDF dkk-journal PDF dkk-refcard PDF dkk-disk. frame top. What you see below is a giclee print on canvas of the original painting used for. Death Knights of Krynn Manual (pdf):: Death Knights of Krynn is the second in a three-part series of Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons.

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He cannot move or fight but is in no danger of dying. In many regions this command is not available. LOOK is used to search an individual square and takes ten minutes of game time like moving while searching. Please let us know how we could make it easier for you. Please give whatever you can to help us.

SPELLS are defined by their type clerical, mage or druidicwhen they can be cast combat, camp or both and their parameters range, duration, krynnn area of effectand actual effect.

This option is only available on some computer systems. POOL places all of the party members’ steel pieces, gems and jewelry into a pool from which any member may make purchases. Unfortunately, since Karl stole the Dragonlance these dragons will be more difficult to defeat than the much younger dragons of Champions of Krynn.

AIM allows weapons or spells to be targeted.

If things are going badly for the party, NPCs may run. See The Data Card for instructions on how to regain manual control of a character. SELL indicates you wish the shopkeeper to make an offer on the highlighted item. If the foes do not attack immediately, the party can react by choosing from an Encounter Menu.


Using Menus All commands are menu based, and the concept of the active character is central to the mnaual.

Death Knights of Krynn download

ID is described under the Shops Menu. Receiving fewer experience points will slow the rate at which your characters advance levels.

Your adventuring party will engage in fierce battles and final treasures. If you transfer characters to Manula Kniqhts before they have completed the Champions adventure, they may lose some items.

The game is still pleasant, but more or less just a brushed up version of the first game — with a few different twists during the play. The second campaign of the Krynn series knightx slightly northwest of the first setting. It also shows how to get right into the game without having to read through the rules.

Each deity confers unique powers to its clerics and determines which alignments a character can be.

Death Knights of Krynn

See the Combat section for details about the Aim Menu. If you are not happy with the character’s scores you may roll them again.

For more information about building parties see Building a Successful Party on page 9 of the Journal. A cut-down version of the painting was used for the game box; only Soth himself and three of his cohort are visible. As with most RPGs, the more points your characters have, the stronger they are! Should you have a defective disk, please return the disk only keep all other parts of the game to our Customer Support Department, along with a note describing the problem you have encountered.


You can create as many characters as you want, but you krtnn only select up to six although one is enough. A party should have a balanced mix of characters with different classes. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files.

As you play the game you will discover for yourself which of the tales you hear are fact and which are fiction. HALVE divides a bundle of some item into two bundles.

Frequently, the weapons and armor used by monsters are not listed because they are poor quality and not worth taking. Detailed information about characters, races, classes and so on is available fo the journal under Characters and Parties beginning on page 2.

Manual to Death Knights of Krynn | Free Game Empire – Old DOS Games for play or download

Before spells can be scribed, they must either be identified in a shop or knjghts, or the mage must have cast Read Magic on them. GUARD sets a character to stand and attack the first enemy that moves adjacent. Abandoned Places – A Time for Heroes. During combat the active character maual chosen automatically according to a character’s initiative and random factors. SHARE picks up everything from the pool and distributes even shares among the party. Encounter menus vary and list options for each situation.